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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by singleshot54, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. singleshot54

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    I have a 2003 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 L Extended cab 4x4 getting about 13 mpg combined C/H, when I tow my 22' TT or my 8' ATV trailer I get about 10-11 mpg. I've made two mods cold air system and after market muffler. Millage didn't change much.

    Was thinking about doing an LPG conversion, not so much for an increased mpg, mostly cost. Here in the SW LPG cost didn't change as drastically as gasoline. My understanding is the HP and torque is about the same if not a little better. Would like to hear the PRO/CONs on this.


  2. werty

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    alot of rockcrawlers...offroaders do this conversion...should be info on it out there..
  3. retired2001

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    LPG burns very "clean", but from what I remember it gets a little less power than gas. The conversion itself is my questioin. Ford offers a LPG version of the F150, but the conversion cost around $10,000 extra. It can't be that expensive to make the necessary addd ons, but I don't know how much it does cost. Good luck and keep us informed, if you go ahead and make the conversion, please.
  4. Davandy

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    For your truck you need LPI (propane injection) any other system is trouble with a computerized engine :rules:
  5. werty

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    im still looking for a efi kit
    i know they out there///////////
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  6. Frenchie

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    Hey guys!

    In Europe this conversion is very popular for "The Green Way" but it remains an alternative fuel, especially for the big greedy engines.

    French context:
    Here the fuel is very expensive and this solution is the most less bad.
    The cost of conversion in France, for a TB I6 4.2L, is 3000€ ($4200)

    In the purchase, these big vehicules can negotiate much more easily than the European cars

    Fiscal advantages during the purchase of the vehicle and in some regions free car registration document.

    For more details, see my mods:

    Also, for conversion:

    For information, in France:

    Average engine:
    Gasoline-> Inline 4, 1.6L (110HP)
    Diesel-> Inline 4, 1.9L (Direct Injection 115HP)
    The Diesel vehicules represents 75 % of the motor vehicle car fleet

    Prices of fuels /L (August 2009):
    -Gasoline Unleaded: SP95->1.22€ ($1.70) SP98-> 1.26€ ($1.76)
    -BioEthanol: E85->0.77€ ($1.08)
    -Diesel: GO->0.98€ ($1.37)
    -LPG: GPL->0.57€ ($0.80)

    Best regards.
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  7. pheonix

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    HI! I have a 1994 2500 with a lpfg conversion already installed I live in calif. and had to get it smoged...... well I had to go the referee because of the lpg kit . it was made by a company called OHG. the referee says I need a carb oem sticker from ohg trouble is I can't find the company Does any one have any ideas? please and thanks.....
  8. unplugged

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    Things may have changed, but back in the late 70's we would convert our prostreet cars to run on alcohol and the referee would give us a decal for "alternate fuel" vehicle that gave us a pass on the old smog test. Back then it was only during title transfer and the dreaded roadside test stations that were set up from time to time.

    Had a buddy with a propane pinto (worried about the exploding gas tank thingy) He would grin from ear to ear when the CARB guys would stick the sniffer in his tail pipe and get a puzzled look on their faces!

    I guess today your conversion has to be approved. Here is a list of approved mfg/systems. CARB

    Here is the address for OHG: OHG,. Inc. 10065A Greenleaf Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670
    Sadly it looks like they are out of business. You would think that in the interest of clean air, CARB would give you a break.:grrrrrr:
  9. pheonix

    pheonix New Member

    Thank you

    That was very helpful I figured they where out of business I sen somewhere that another company took them over thank you for your reply:party:

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