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    The bearings were going on my alternator so I decided upgrade from a small case CS130 to a large case CS144. I went from 105 amps to 140 amps.

    The biggest alternator from the parts house for a 1995 is 124amps. In 1996 however, there is an optional 140 amp. So I got it and here's the rundown on what I did.
    The mounting bracket is slightly different but will almost fit in the stock bracket. I did have to bend a steel bracket backwards a bit. (looks like an engine hoist bracket) View attachment 23785 View attachment 23786 View attachment 23787 View attachment 23788 View attachment 23789

    sorry new to posting pics, was hoping to get them in order but they are not.

    I mounted the right side of the alternator which fits right in. However the left side (as I am facing the engine) is slightly amiss. I enlarged the hole slightly with a drill and viola! I did have to install a larger bolt/nut combo. (same size as the bold on the right)

    Next, I upgraded the primary wire from the battery to the alt. I went from 8ga to 4ga. I goggled it and 4ga should be good for the 4' length I ran, plus it what I had on hand.

    The serpentine belt barely fit back on, so I bought a belt that was 1" longer and it fit perfect.

    Next I cleaned all the grounds I could find. 1 large and 2 small on the intake manifold, battery to chassis, engine & chassis to frame etc.

    I read that the alternator is the final ground in the charging system so I added 4ga wire from the mounting bolt of the alternator to the engine. I piggy backed off the primary battery ground. (on my suburban it goes from the battery to the intake manifold)
    I figure by grounding to the same place, it has a straight shot to the battery ground.

    In the near future I plan to upgrade the ground wires with larger ones, and perhaps add one or two more. I also want to upgrade my fuse box primary. I think it is 8ga and I want to go to 4ga as well. Then get a "dual post" battery so I can more easily add a few accessories. The truck is stock but I am getting dual electric ball bearing fans (6000CFM @ 19amps total) 2 front fog lights, and 2 fog lights in back hooked up to the reverse lights (via relay)

    It is important to upgrade the primary alt wire or you can burn up your diodes in your alternator. I also read that a fuse should be installed in that primary. since fuses are resistive, I read it should be a large one rated about 80% of the cable size.
    This is not my idea, the information is all over the net, it is just how I did it.
    I recommend using

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    Here are a few more pics.

    photo(2).jpg photo(3).jpg photo.jpg
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    I have an 81 C 30 that i am replacing interior, these trucks have a vinyl dash pad installed over a sheet metal lower dash, stock in these trucks the sheet metal was painted the same as the exterior of the truck. I plan on painting the exterior with a candy apple red and am afraid that putting this on the interior as well would be too much red. The dash pad, door panels and seat will all be black, with electroplated diamond plate accents does anybody have some ideas for a secondary interior color?

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