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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Silverado325, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Silverado325

    Silverado325 New Member

    I went to get my back left tire replaced today, only to find out that I have a lug nut lock on the wheel. I have the All-Star package with the 20 inch wheels. I was wondering where exactly is this key to the locking lug located. I called my local dealer just to see if I could get another one just in case. They told me GM uses 20 different lug lock styles. He also told me it would be $30-50 for a key.
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    I know with Mcgard you can take a pic of the lock and if it is theres send it to them and they will get you a key. I'm not sure how much but they can do it..
  3. Metaluzc

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    Check with your local junkyards first. They usually have keys so they can take off tires of the wrecked cars. This happened with a '96 civic I bought, every lug was a lock nut and the prior owner didn't give me the key so I ran around until I found a junk yard that had one. They let me borrow it for free as long as I brought it back. Cheaper than spending $30-$50.
  4. kevindsingleton

    kevindsingleton Rockstar

    Did you buy the truck, new? If so, the original dealer owes you a key, but they should, also, be able to tell you where it is. If you bought the truck, used, call the previous owner, and ask him where the key is!

    "You want the key? I have the key..." -Dr. Timothy Leary
  5. Shooter

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    If you bought the truck new, and it was not on the window sticker, then the dealer put them on to keep people from stealing them off his lot and just forgot to take them off at delivery. If they did actually come with the truck, then they owe you a key as stated above.
    If you bought the truck used, then simply ask them HOW they inspected the truck before they delivered it to YOU..?? As they have to check the breaks to inspect the vehicle before resale. So they MUST have the key for it, or they broke the law by not inspecting it. (Same thing happened to me on a used Olds I bought a long time ago. Amazing how fast they came up with a free key then!!) That is IF your state requires a safety inspection like NYS does. Here an inspection is required once per year by a licenced repair station or dealer with a NYS inspection licence.
    I would not pay them for it however. If the locks came with the vehicle, they HAVE to give you a key for it. This advice is moot if you bought it from a private individual of course.
    Good luck to you.
  6. Silverado325

    Silverado325 New Member

    I called up the previous owner and he told me to look in the glove box. I had only looked there about 43 times prior and it was definitely not there. So I went to the GM dealership and he told me it would be a little over 50 for a new key including shipping and all that. Or... I could buy a whole new set for around 40. So no brainer i got the new set. Problem solved.
  7. SurrealOne

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    50 bucks for a key? I own a set of locking lugs (the kind where every lug is a locking lug) and spare keys are $10.50 including shipping. (The first thing I did was buy a spare key -- considering you HAVE to keep the key in the vehicle if you intend to be able to change a flat on the road.)

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