Made a decision on the big 3, let me know what you think, good or bad!!

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Mzarb28, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Mzarb28

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    New to all the truck upgrade stuff, usually throw my extra cash into my quad, but after doin some research I decided to go with the Flowmaster exhaust 44 series, K&N CAI, and the Diablo Predator programmer. I have a 2010 Silverado 1500 Flex Fuel Z71 4X4 LT model. Is it worth it to spend $300 more for diablo trinity?? My main goal with these upgrades in better mpg, better sound, and the extra HP is a bonus. Let me know what you think, thanks alot
  2. SurrealOne

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  3. Mzarb28

    Mzarb28 Member

    Thanks surr, I actually did order the intune, can't wait
  4. Mzarb28

    Mzarb28 Member

    Well I changed my mind and switched to the Magnaflow exhaust, I have a 15month old daughter and from what I read the drone is little to none with the Mag, still waiting for input, good or bad!!
  5. Corso

    Corso Rockstar

    Magnaflow makes a nice system, but to be honest, I think you will likely experience some drone with that system too.
  6. Mzarb28

    Mzarb28 Member

    Ok, I'm new to all this just goin by what I read. It is better then flowmasters right??? Thanks
  7. Corso

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    I've owned a Corsa, an Edelbrock, two Flowmaster systems, and a Magnaflow. They are all decent. From a fit and finish, and build quality standpoint, Corsa was the best. Everything lines up flawlessly, the welds are top notch, etc. Corsa systems are also usually the heaviest compared to similar systems from their competitors. Corsa is the system used by GM for their upgraded dealer installed systems. The Edelbrock was a very close second. You don't see to many people going with Edelbrock systems, but they are very nice. The Magnaflow was decent; light weight, sounded awesome, but had some minor fitment issues when lining everything up. Not terrible, but could have been better. The Flowmaster did what it was supposed to, nothing more, nothing less. It was the loudest by far, but I was running a 2-chamber muffler which is known to be loud. I am sure they have other muffler choices that wouldn't be so loud.

    As far as tone; the Corsa was pretty tame when driving conservatively, but would bark when you stomped on it. They have a raspy, crackling sound. Some like it, some don't. The Edelbrock sounds awesome, especially for a truck. Very deep and low.....very quality sounding. Will make your truck sound like a big block. Not overly loud. The Magnaflow sounds real good too. The way I describe the Magnaflow sound is like it's almost exotic sounding. Very creamy and smooth, if that makes any sense? Lol. It did drone, however. The Flowmaster will have a hollow sound. If you ever heard a 5.0 Mustang with an exhaust on it, there is a 90% chance it had a Flowmaster. It will absolutely drone.

    Hopefully I haven't confused you even more. Again, they are all decent. Some cost more than the others, but like they say, you usually get what you pay for. Hopefully some others will chime in and add some input.

    I just checked and upon a quich search, it doesn't appear that Edelbrock makes a 5.3 system. So that removes them from the equation. :)
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  8. Mzarb28

    Mzarb28 Member

    Thanks corso appreciate the info!
  9. Falcone

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    I just put a single in duel out magnaflow on mine, I belive it was about 22" by 12". I just have straight pipes shotgun out the back and it sounds very nice. Can't wait to get some tips on in the spring and it might make it a touch louder. The drone isn't bad/isn't there much if at all. Only times I've noticed it even the slightest is on a longer low slope hill or something like that. Where your just cruising at 1600RPM or so for a while. other then that 100/110/120/130 km/h cruise on the highway and you barely hear the thing. but when you put it down you know its there.
  10. Mzarb28

    Mzarb28 Member

    Good too hear thanks falcone

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