Magnacharger Radix supercharger for sale 99-06 gm 4.8, 5.3, 6.0ltr motors

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    My name is Jeff. I have a Magnacharger Radix superchargere for sale. Its on my 02 Tahoe 5.3ltr truck at this time, but will only take approx a day to have off and rdy to ship! Purchased brand new for $5200 plus tax. I have seen these go from $2800-$3500 used. The appearance of mine is brand-new looking. I take very good care of my truck, no leaks of any type, so there is no residue build up on it. I also clean the engine compartment on my truck keeping underhood spotless. I am asking $2500, will give it a week or so on here, depending on replies, but will list on ebay after I see what happens here. I have everything it came with, except the box. I still have the PCM flash tool it came with; has the map required to run the charger. I have provided a link below to the Magnacharger site that will give all the details of the charger. Unit works flawlessly, adds a substanial amount of power. After installed, towing 17ft bassboat was like there was nothing back there. My email is Contact me thru email first and then will/can exchange phone numbers for serious lookers. Thanks.
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    What other mods did you have to do for the blower to work properly, ie. fuel pump, injectors...

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