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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by justaphase44, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. justaphase44

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    Hey guys, looking at getting magnaflow put on my 5.3 sierra. Did have a few questions beforehand. I was told by muffler shop they don't put dual mufflers for true duals anymore. Any truth to that? Also exit location is just pure preference ex: dual out, passenger before tire / after tire, turndown.

    I did have dual mufflers/true duals on my 07 and it sounded great. Any input/opinions are appreciated. Thanks guys
  2. Skippy

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    Any muffler shop should be able to do a true dual-in-dual out setup for you. I suspect they’re recommending you don’t do it, because you probably won’t be happy with it. Why? The 5.3 is a V-8. Why is that an issue? Well, basically, the V-8 engine requires a certain amount of back-pressure to maintain low-end torque. The flow throughput with true duals produces a bit more high-end power, but wow, will you sacrifice off-the line power for it. Sound alone does not performance make.

    It’s very common these days for folks to do dual systems with some sort of X, Y or H pipe set-up to allow the exchange of gas flow for the purpose of creating some back-flow and leveling the exhaust output. This actually helps provides the back-pressure required to keep your low-end torque, as well as levels the exhaust flows through the pipe set.

    My current rig (a 6.0L V-8) was severely hampered with a true dual set-up (came with just glass-packs on each side). Sounded really, uh… 17-year-old-ish, which was fun for about a month. I switched it out to a Magnaflow dual-in/dual-out muffler, and WOW… talk about a power increase in the low RPM. I love the setup, and the power has been outstanding. The dual exhaust out, looks sharp too.

  3. justaphase44

    justaphase44 Rockstar

    Great. Thanks for helpful info bud. Knowing that I'll prob go with dual in/out straight out the back. Mf seems to sound best imo.

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