Maintenance Schedule 08 3500HD Duramax, 4x4, pickup

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    First, I am not a mechanic and the most maintenance I do myself is the routine LOF and changing the fuel and air filters at the recommended intervals. However, I believe in properly maintaining my vehicles. I take my truck to the dealer for the other scheduled maintenance. So today, I take my truck in and tell the service advisor that I want the 100k miles maintenance service. According to my interpretation of the maintenance schedule in my owners manual, this service includes changing the fluid and filters in the tranny and transfer case. The service advisor advises me that the 100k maintenance schedule also should include fuel injection system cleaning service, changing the fluid in both differentials, coolant system service, brake system flush, and power steering system service. I am trying to ascertain what is fact versus fiction as it relates to what maintenance service should be done at 100k miles. There are no fluid leaks in any of the systems. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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