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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by txrdneck74, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. txrdneck74

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    I have a 1991 chevy 1500, it sat for 2 years and it runs great. Problem is the brakes suck. Before i replace all the brakes and everything up front the brakes would go all the way to the floor. I replaced the pads, calipers, brake lines, master cylinder, and the booster and it did good for about two weeks. And guess what back to normal. wehn i hit the brakes it pulls really hard to the left, when i let off and push again it kinda pulls not to bad. Just need some help on figureing out what it is tired of puttin all this money into it in such a short time.
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    I'm a complete amateur and wanna-be backyard mechanic so I'm sure someone else has a better suggestion, but I just dealt with a problem with the front disc brakes on my '05, so maybe my problem was similar to yours. I had some pulling to the left as well, and I needed new pads and rotors so I dug in. After removing the old and replacing with new, I realized that the front driverside lower caliper bracket pin (mouthful) was frozen in place and was not telescoping freely allowing the caliper to "float" freely on the rotor which in turn was causing my braking problems in addition to wearing the pads unevenly, etc. The caliper pins are the female threaded fittings (2 per wheel) to which the caliper bolts. I assume your year is close to the same as mine in this description. The pins sit inside the caliper bracket and are packed with grease. They are covered and protected by small rubber boots, one of which on my rig failed allowing water etc to penetrate the hole where the pin slides and rusted it into place-so much so that I had to but an impact wrench on it just to break it loose, then pulled it out. I have since ordered a new bracket and pins and need to replace them, but for the time being I cleaned up the problem areas on the OE parts and re-greased and my brakes are running great. I hope this long-winded explanation of my issue helps. Check out your caliper bracket pins and make sure they are telescoping freely and allowing the caliper to float on the rotor.
  3. txrdneck74

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    thats the thing though i have replaced everything that i could and it worked fine for alittle while and then it goes to crap again someone at work told me to replace the dump valve i guess that ill try that next. thanks for the help though
  4. SlickMachine

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    In you original post you didnt mention replacing the caliper brackets, which is where said pins reside. If you did replace them-disregard, its something else.
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    Did you replace your proportioning valve? It could be clogged from debris?
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    As the car is mechanical, it should always be used other wise there will be some problem in it was not used for two years it has become hard..I think if you put oil in it, it will become bit smooth
  7. SlickMachine

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