Major Oil Problems ~ This could go under a few places, so I am posting here...

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by PantheraUncia, May 5, 2013.

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    Did you put an oil additive in this engine, ever? Are you running anything but quality synthetic oil? Based on your choice of plugs, headlights, and air filtration, I've taken the next leap. Some sort of additive was put in this engine. Sweep air is not working properly now, you are pressurizing the crankcase, it's likely your rings are not working right. If your catalytic converter has any life left in it, you won't see any smoke. Don't put anything in your engine oil, ever. Don't add junk to your fuel. And do us old guys with bad eyes a favor and take those blinding HID POS's off your truck so we don't drive into a ditch when you aim them at oncoming traffic. Most of the products in your sig are marketing gimmicks. Basically I'm saying, I think you killed it. I pull at Gross -800# with my 5.3 90% of the time. '06 at 183K. You aren't smarter than GM. Leave the poor thing alone. All that aftermarket crap is crap. CJ PS: Am I in the dog house now mods? lol
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    Well Ceej, not with me. I kind of agree about all the add ons. Also those blinding lights! Maybe we're in the geezer minority on these forums, but I don't do much add on stuff, and surely don't add stuff to me oil!

    Panther, I don't know what to tell you, but my opinion is if you otherwise really like this truck, buy a cheap car, fix ye truck! You really do need another vehicle to drive anyway, everybody does. We have 4 - two trucks, two cars! Just me wife and me home now. We could get by with just three, but, hey, a man can never have too many trucks, trailers, nor roofs to put them under! I'm shy of trailers (only have 4 now, but NEED a tandem axle 16') and roofs!

    Let us know what you do.
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    Thank you Catshot, I am thinking along those lines as well.

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    Thank you Paul,

    I don't do as much towing as I do with loads in the bed of the truck.

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    Thank you Xrjay7, It is good to know it is not just me with these issues, maybe they had a specific run of these engines that had issues.

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    Thank you Homer,

    I did go back to the delco irridium plugs this time around, the bosch plugs were also irriduim tipped as well, only difference is the 4 nodes. We will see how it goes.

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    Thank you Farmer2, I would expect more from my engine also.

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    Surreal, You know that I have been pricing replacement trucks and that I am leaning on option 3 because it makes the most sense considering I don't keep extra vehicles laying around in my driveway.

    I also have no intention of sitting this truck on cinder blocks for 3 months because I don't have the time or engergy to put into rebuilding the engine with my work schedule, so tearing the engine appart and rebuilding it is not cost or time affective in my case, you have more down time than I do to do the work yourself.

    You also know that I am potentially moving to 85-90% travel, meaning a new vehicle is just going to be here sitting and I don't want a dead on in the drive way either.

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    And a unicorn it will be....

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    I have never put any additives in the oil, I use techron or seafoam in the gas tank once or twice a year, I always stick with Castrol, Penzoil or Valvoline 5w-30 and moved to 10w30 and it helped a little, but not much.

    Ceej, unfortunately more and more vehicles are coming with HID's on them these days, you should be glad I don't go get some airplane lamps they use for landing aircraft and put them on the roof of the truck.

    I get the idea that some of the things might be gimmicks, but this isn''t the 1940's and the majority of people are not driving Ford Model T's around either.

    Back then rubber tires or tires with air tubes where gimmicks. Halogen head lights would blind people that had never seen them before. Seat belts were gimmicks until they were mandated and the manufactures did not want to put them in cars.

    So when you say some of the things I have done are gimmic's; they may seem like that today, but in 20 years they may be standard like HID's are becoming and if smarter people never came around, we would not have the vehicles we have today.
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    Sounds like he is complaining and asking for advice he doesn't want to take. If you like the truck and it is otherwise in good shape, pay to have the motor worked on, and rent a vehicle if you won't buy a second one to drive.

    I personally would buy the second vehicle. I once had a daily driver that was in the body shop for 3 months, so I bought a second car to drive and ended up continuing to drive that car and used the other one (now with a new paint job) for fun drives.
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    :sign0018: ... Sorry to have to wave the off-topic sign again, we need to stay on-topic of the truck in this thread. The second conversation about thread readability will be cut out of here and dealt with inside the Announcements & Feedback forum.

    @PU - When did you get the truck, what was the history of the truck up to the point in time when you got it? Just curious on that actually and I didn't see it outright stated (maybe I missed it) when I skimmed the thread again.

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