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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by tbplus10, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. tbplus10

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    Dont know if the rest of the countries highways are under construction but in the DFW area theres 15 major highway construction projects going on right now, most of my job is on-site at hospitals so I'm spending a lot of time stuck in traffic between accounts.
    Theres 4 interstates through the DFW area and countless state highways and everyone of them is getting a new interchange at the same time.
    Unfortunately my office is located less than a quarter mile from the two largest projects and unless I want to drive 25 miles out of the way I have no choice but to drive right through the middle of it during my daily commute. I did manage to change my work schedule so I'm not traveling during rush hour but I'm still stuck in traffic at 8:00 in the evening, just not as much.
    Are other parts of the country undergoing this much construction right now?
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Try driving through NYC....:grrrrrr: Always Being worked on... The Cross Bronx Expressway has been voted the worse in the US many times.. Now you know why I got new shocks...
  3. tbplus10

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    I remember riding in a taxi there once and thinking I'm glad this isnt my car.
    Yea our roads are so bad right now I dont even ride my bike to work.
  4. mudpuppy

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    ever try 264? you almost need an suv. i have been from coast to coast in this country and 264 is a road that i feel is flat out dangerous to drive on.
  5. Coach24

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    Utah got it's share of cash from feds and they are trying to spend it before Obutthead leaves office. If only the quality was worth the cost and inconveniece

    Try I-15 in Utah County what a cluster.
  6. aloxdaddy99

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    In Pa there are 2 seasons. Construction and Winter
  7. ChevyFan

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    They got federal highways dollars for big "shovel-ready" type projects that started coming on January 1st, I think. So now that we're into the heavy sunlight days, they're building and repairing like crazy.
  8. Coach24

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    Three more highways started construction here and 7 state roads. Also 3 links to transit trains, whih also dig up roads and cause massive delays.
    I love the ten guys leaning on a shovel or rake and two that are being held up by a stop sign as three walk around in Slacks and shirt and tie with a clean hard hat on.
  9. tbplus10

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    Most of the construction started before Jan 1 up around Grapevine (114) and I-35/820, this is all Texas Tollway commission money.
    Starting next year you wont be able to drive around 121, 183, or 114 in the Fort Worth and HEB area without paying tolls.
    Yep our fine friends at the Texas tollway commision have found a new place to raid our pockets, time for a new Governor and senators if their gonna allow this to happen to the citizens.
    THey wouldnt dare put a tollway in south Dallas, John Wylie Price would be all over them.
  10. Jimmeh

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    They started repaving the highway outside of our office (Hwy 2, known as Idaho street that goes to Idaho, lol). They said the project would be done by June 15th, and they just started paving the east bound side of the road for a few blocks. The weather hasn't cooperated, but I would have hoped they would repave roads that actually needed it.

    They are repaving Hwy 93 N. that goes across the canadian border, but they are only doing parts of it, and they are doing it with a box scraper, so you still feel every bump and hole there was in the road (and there is a TON in that highway).

    Lots of other projects as well, those are just the most noteworthy. I drive all over, so I know what stuff to avoid, lol.

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