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    So I hope that everyone realizes that we finally got around to the MAJOR UPDATE OF GMTC! I know that change isn't necessarily fun (sometimes it is), but we had good reasons for doing this.

    This update was mandatory. Our old software was out of date, full of security holes, bloated (it was running very slow!) and stuff just started to break on it and there was no way to get it fixed without hiring a full-time programmer.

    SO, we made the move to the new software ... took about 10-12 hours start to finish to complete, but as of about 8 am this morning we are live. Just finished updating the style (I know a lot of people complained about the initial style that we went live with ... I don't blame you) and we're starting to add in more features.

    UPDATES - Keep checking this thread as I will be editing the very post that you are reading right now with updates about the system as we find and address them.

    The way photos and albums are stored has been updated. Not only can you make your own albums quickly and easily, but you can post those pics (and videos) directly inside a message easily. Yes, it's that easy, you now have buttons on the message editor window that allow you to easily insert any photo from your album or you can embed a whole album inside a thread easily.

    Also, it's easier to share with the outside word. For example, do you want to share your GMTC album on another site? You can cut and paste your album url and embed directly inside Facebook or an email and everything is done for you!.

    If you haven't looked at the site on a mobile device or tablet ... please have a look. We spent literally weeks on getting this designed properly, making certain that it was optimized and that people were able to surf the website on any type of device without being forced to download an app. We have essentially a "responsive design site" now, which should match any device screen, but basically there is ... 1) Full Desktop, 2) Tablet, 3) Small Tablet / Horizontal Smart Phone, 4) Vertical Smart Phone.

    We have saved all of the garage text and images in the old database and we are looking at building a new "garage" type of system in the near future. Please be patient, nothing got lost.

    Update on the Garage System
    - I've mostly figured out what needs to be built, and I think I know how to get it built out so that it works ... now I just have to buy the licenses for everything and hire someone to do the database conversion and make the code changes. I'm hoping to have it all done in the next 4 weeks or so. ??

    This is maybe what I'm the most happy about ... the way that everything works together and visitors can really do almost everything on a smart phone that they can do on the full desktop.
    Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-57-04.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-57-15.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-57-23.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-58-33.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-59-05.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-59-17.png Screenshot_2014-08-20-22-59-37.png
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    I like it :)
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    Come on peeps. What do you think?
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    not off to a good start, since the update required me to log back on for the first time in forever! usually i just stay logged on, almost made me forget my password! lol
    but it looks nice so far
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    Looks good so far.
    I ran across some glitch's earlier but they appear to have been fixed now.
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    Just noticed some things like table data in some signatures not rendering but instead showing the code. I'll look into that if it's something we can/should deal with.
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    Everyone will have to log back in because the way you stay logged in is via cookies. With the different forum software the cookie will have different data in it.
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    You can now quickly embed photos or complete albums from a gallery straight into a post.

    Awesome Forum Signs
    by ChevyFan
    Just a collection of awesome forum signs that I've seen everwhere.
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    looking good so far
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    Better visibility of some items for mods.
    I just cleaned out almost 400 back logged posts awaiting approval that for some reason didnt show on the old software.
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