Major Window and Door Problems

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    Hello i have a 94 Chevy k1500 and both my driver and passenger windows and doors are screwed up. First off the door themselves the driver door was missing a hinge pin when i bought it and just had a large bolt in in so i replaced that but the door still has difficulty closing sometimes. I need to left up on the door as i close it to get it to latch. Is the door still sagging or what? Also the rubber/plastic armrest does not stay glued to the door and likes to catch on the door frame when it is closed, this happens on both doors. Next the windows, the drivers side is totally f**ked up the regulator is bent al around in wierd positions just to get the window to stay partially up and the slot that is attached to the window where the roller rides back and forth is almost rusted off the window. If i were to replace this how would i get it to stay on the window?(rubber nail or superglue maybe)? so that side i know the problem but the other side looks ok the regulator is fine. I am assuming the problem is the switch/wiring or the motor itself is there an easy way to check this? Thank you for any input you have to give
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    Probably need to change both pins and bushings. Go to a yard find the whole door in good shape be better off ..

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