Make NRA illegal & tie Republicans to the back of a Chevy Truck : Des Moines Register

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    You asked: "What type of Chevy truck would be best for this?"

    Here are my thoughts:

    I don’t think this so called journalist or anyone who is like-minded would be caught dead behind the wheel of a gas (or diesel) guzzling, global warming (err, I mean climate changing), mean (because it’s too big and heavy and “not fair” to the little cars on the road) truck. I would think the vehicle of choice for the Anti-America leftist would be a vega-matic, make believe car, preferably one that runs on sunshine or rainbows or bean sprouts, with a “Mean People Suck” and “Co-Exist” bumper stickers on the back. That being said, such a vehicle wouldn’t have the ability to drag anyone around.
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    Should we be able to have assault weapons? Absolutely -- even fully automatic ones. Why? Some context is in order. The second Amendment reads: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

    First, it is the word 'militia' that is the object of the adjective "well-regulated" in that verbiage -- not firearms. We're talking about the foundation of our law, here, so sentence structure and verbiage count and that verbiage gives the federal government the ability to regulate the militia ... but does NOT confer the ability to undercut the right to keep and bear arms, itself, because it clearly says the right "shall not be infringed". I would argue that we (the populace, i.e. the militia) are pretty well-regulated, as it is, today.

    But isnt the militia the military? No. Recall that there was no standing army in the day of our founding fathers. Militia were every day people who had the same ranged weaponry available to them (namely muskets and pistols and in some very wealthy cases, cannon) as their British rulers. These every day people had been denied the ability to legally possess firearms by the British government once the colonies began to revolt -- in the hope of denying the colonies the ability to rebel against a government the colonial populace viewed as tyrannical.

    This is the key reason the populace (even today, regardless of our government possessing a standing army -- ESPECIALLY since our government has a standing army) should be able to own every/any type of small arm (which includes rifles and even machine guns, today) that our federally-funded military fields ... so that it can be used against that federally-funded military in the event that our populace comes to view our federal government as tyrannical and that federally-funded military is turned against us.

    An armed man is a citizen -- whereas an unarmed man is merely a subject. The founders of this country lived that mantra, yet today it is only rhetoric to most people. Governments should fear their people, not the other way around...

    Note: The 1934 legislation that banned civilian ownership of fully-automatic firearms as well as 4ga and 2ga shotguns (basically small, man-portable cannon) has already infringed on our Second Amendment rights ... and given our government the upper hand. If our government turns on us we'd have to fight it asymetrically, now ... instead of symmetrically.


    P.S. As a nearly life-long firearm owner I'd expect you to know the difference between a magazine and a clip ... and not use them interchangeably since they aren't.
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    First off, if someone wants to commit suicide they they are going to do it unless institutionalized. The lack of a firearm is not going to stop anyone from taking their own life.

    I don't believe you've owned firearms all your life if you call magazines "clips". The term "clip" is what newbs, movie makers, and the un-educated call a firearm magazine.

    The city of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US, yet they have a LOT of violent crimes committed with a firearm. Goes to show you that restrictive legislation is NOT the answer.

    So you think we as citizens should just bend 100% to the will of local and federal authorities? Last time I checked the politicians serve the people, not the other way around.
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    I live in Illinois, where there is no concealed carry, Yet I will not travel to Chicago, East St. Louis, or Peoria unless I am carrying a weapon with me. I do not have the privilege of staying in only the affluent,safe communities. I like more than ten rounds available, because the politicians have yet to limit the gangs to fewer than ten members.

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    You forgot a buy local sticker on their foreign car while they wear their chinese clothes and buy dog food from China as well. Never mind I went too far. Someone like that would be a cat person. lol (btw I get 90% my clothing from the rest I do searches for USA made or check labels.

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    No you did not go too far. It was a pleasure to see someone else that knows the value of buying American. I too am a bit anal about buying American made or at least an American company. Thanks for the heads up on The site looks great and I can't wait to get some money so I can buy some clothing from there. :great:

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