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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ranger11x, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. ranger11x

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    Hi guys new member here. Ive never owned a truck honestly but it has always crossed my mind. While in need of a vehicle i came across a few silverados I like in my price range. I have always been more of a car person specifically an import car kinda guy (no flaming necessary ive got tons of respect for American cars its just a preference.also not the 747 wing and chrome every thing kind of ricer!) I have been looking at some 99-02 silverados v8 gasoline and was wondering a few things
    1.)why so cheap compared to other years?
    2.) what are some problem areas for these vehicles?
    3.) I don't want to jack it up so what are some other things to give the truck a more custom look and feel?
    4.)are they dependable it will be a DD
    5.) what are some good starting mods for the vehicle (ex. I/H/E, power tuner,ect...)
    and brands that have a good proven reputation
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    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    1.)A lot of the 99-02 trucks usually have a lot of miles on them, which brings there value down, also consider depreciation, some of these trucks are almost 10 years old now. That, and there are a lot of these trucks still on the road, which makes parts readily available and just the fact that they are a pretty common vehicle out on the roads.
    2.) Honestly, not many issue (to my knowledge) for the 99-02 trucks, except that if your fuel pump goes, prepare to pay for it.
    3.) New wheels and tires will definitely give your truck a new look and can affect the ride as well. New/upgraded shocks will help as well.
    4.)Yes, I drive my 04 as a DD with 76k miles and it runs great. My friend's dad has an '01 2500hd with about 200k miles and all he's done is replace the fuel pump and the serpentine belt along with the regular maintenance. I know some folks in town with 99-02 trucks well over 300k miles and they're still going strong.
    5.) Depends on what area you want to improve first. My first mod was Sylvania Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs cuz the stock ones were crap. Then I upgraded the radio and speakers and installed my off road lights. But its totally up to you.

    Hope this helps, Welcome to the club!!!!!
  3. ntbush83

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    x2 with all those answers! I'm a big truck kind of guy but most of my buddies drive hondas, evo's, subi's, all the imports so I know what your talking about because those guys will always talk about liking to have a truck to. We do need to know what you plan on doing with the truck. Myself, I love the look of the 99-02 trucks dropped. I don't know why but have always been a fan. With you being an import guy you know how to customize cars and make them look good. In my opinion just like a car a truck looks all comes down to its stance so thats what I would focus on.
  4. SPARKY777

    SPARKY777 New Member

    I had a 00' with the same motor (4.8l) as my current pickup and when i sold it it had 199***mi and the guy that bought it still has it. It currently has about 230K and runs like a top. Only things i did to it was reg maintenance, a fuel pump, and evap solenoid.
  5. randomsandwhich

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    Throw some wheels, put a drop in it. Find one with work already done. I know a lot of guys who drive lowered pickup trucks as a dd. Lot of reputation out there for nice looking lowered trucks !
  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    Their is so much you can do to a truck to make it your own..Lower it add sway bars and you can out handle most imports..Put some money in to the motor and computer and you can have fun with them at the light.. Rims and tires then some window tint always makes a nice statement, It's all up to you.. I see your in Fla. There are some nice rides down there just take a look and get some ideas....
  7. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the club!
  8. phoebeisis

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    Those years-with the early 5.3- probably have more "piston slap sounding noise" than other years.
    It doesn't effect reliability, but it did drive some owners crazy.
    I have a 5.7-so no personal experience with it- but the claim was that carbon built up above the top ring and cause a piston slap sounding noise while warming up.
    I think later years have fewer problems with it.
    It could be a good buying point
    You hear the noise, say "hey what is that noise" owner blushes and drops the price $1000 or so
    They are pretty reliable by most accounts-GM has been making varients of their SB for 50+ years
  9. chevybulldog6

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    First I want to say welcome to the club! I had a 2000 Z71 ext. cab and sold it in 2007 with 130K miles. I didnt have any expenses from it other than routine maintenance and a U-joint. The only reason I sold it was to move up to a crew cab. As far as the piston slap, I never had experiance with it. I have heard of it before but it is just during warmup and is not an issue to worry about. All I did to make it a little custom was wheels, tires and leveled it. Its just like your imports as far as modifications just a little bigger scale. I hope that thishelps in your decision.
  10. MPC-Silverado

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    welcome to the site!

    the 99-02 are in the same body generation as the 03-06. the 03-06 have the squared front ends and some other newer interior parts... otherwise alot of its the same. 99-02 is still apart of the 99-06 NBS trucks but its the slightly older style and will most likely have more miles. all are great trucks.

    if you get a 1500 id say push for one with a 5.7l not the 4.8 or 5.3 if its well taken care of it will last long.

    as for customizing you have the basics... exhaust, intake, step bars, leveling kits, drop kits, headlights, tail lights, tint, HID kits, and wheels/tires

    you wont get flamed here for being into tuners.i have a bunch of tuner cars and talk about them on here some times and people dont hate, some are actually very interested

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