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    Just to keep everyone in the loop, GMTC got hit by a very large malware attack a couple of weeks ago from a plug-in that we were running that ended with a significant hacking attempt on the website.

    We got saved by the fact that I have an additional security firewall that requires a user/password at the server level to make any changes to system files when coming in from the web.

    However, for a period of about a week ALL NEW WEB TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE (which is a lot!) was re-directed away from GMTC and went to 3rd party spam sites. This affected only visitors who came from Google on their first visit to GMTC, and ONLY the first visit to GMTC (so if you cleared out your browser cache and then typed GMTRUCKCLUB into Google ... then you would have seen it).

    The end result is that were got a penalty from Google, and rightfully so, and I hope that maybe by the end of this week we can get back to normal. We did lose about 90+% of all Google-generated traffic. :-(

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. At no time was anyone's system in danger of being infected, this was a server-generated malware attack.

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