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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by jakeolsen, Feb 25, 2010.

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    My 1998 Cheyenne 1500 runs pretty decent. Unfortunately, since I bought it, the shifter has been kind of floppy. Today it just kind of broke. I took it all apart down to the tranny and found that the coupler that the shifter sits on that is on the rail is broken. Apparently, it had ben cracked and just finally broke. I have no idea what this is called since this is my first stick shift. What I am wondering is:
    -What is this called?
    -Can I find this piece on its own? (please tell me I am not going to need a whole new tranny!)

    A pic -

  2. wis bang

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    You need a transmission person to look at this. You want to make sure you have all of it. I'm not familiar w/ this transmission [NV 3500?] there may be access to the selectors and/or this part may ride between or on top of the shift rails.

    Otherwise it may have to come apart...One thought would be to look for a shop that rebuilds them. I purchased a 're-man' 5 speed for a '93 Ranger where I exchanged the one we pulled out. Turns out it was one from a '96 and we had evidence that the trans had beenout b/4, so they were a problem.

    The place I went to had a whole row of them, re-built, just waiting...

    I stopped back a few days later and he showed me the broken parts from the trans I brought in and he was waiting for those parts.

    This trans may have been beat; the broken part was already cracking when you bought the truck; a re-man may be a quick fix...just what you didn't want to hear!
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  3. jakeolsen

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    Turns out it is a pretty inexpensive part. $60 for the coupler, pin, and the shifter isolator. It will be a litte bit of a project, but not too bad.

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