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    After a significant number of requests, we have slowly begun to expand the classifieds section in the GMTC Marketplace. However, to make this work properly, we're going to have to implement some rules to keep everything orderly and to prevent abuse.

    Basic Rules and FAQs about the Classifieds Section
    Some of the basic questions we have received so far now that we are applying these rules:

    • Use Correct Category - Please list your item(s) in the appropriate category. If we need to make more categories, we will do that.
    • One Item Per Thread - If you have 4 different items to sell, please make 4 threads, unless they are closely related items like rims and tires, engine and transmission, etc.
    • Use Descriptive Titles - Please use simple-but-descriptive Titles when you make a new thread. Do not post "Garage Sale" when you are trying to sell a specific brand-name set of rims and tires.
    • No Commercial Posts - If you are a potential vendor or a company that wants to use this forum to advertise, don't worry! We've got some vendor plans coming very soon.
    • Have a Price listed - This is a classifieds system, we are not setup for auctions and we will not help to resolve disputes over price. Do some research to determine your price before you post. Threads without a price will be locked.
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