Mark's RST :: 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

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    Mark's RST :: 2006 Chevrolet Silverado (2013-02-18 19:08:04)
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    Very nice ride...

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    X2....on Nice Looking Ride......I'm Sorry for Lour Lost.....below is some information on the.....Chevy Silverado RST's, I don't know if you Already have this information or Not??.....hopefully some of it will help.

    Chevy Silverado RST's

    Silverado RST

    Acceleration, sec
    0-30 2.6
    0-40 3.9
    0-50 5.4
    0-60 7.7
    0-70 10.3
    0-80 13.1
    0-90 16.3
    Quarter-mile, sec @ mph 15.6 @ 89.9
    Braking, 60-0, ft 138
    Speed through 600-ft slalom, mph 62.0
    EPA fuel economy, city/hwy 17/20

    Standard “RST” Interior Features

    Black molded carpet
    Deep-tinted windows 20% back, 50% sides
    Sport-enhanced, carbon-masked dash kit
    Polished aluminum brake, clutch (five-speed only), gas and emergency brake pedals
    Custom stainless steel dash w/red illuminated gauges and red needles “personally signed by Jon A. Moss”

    Standard “RST” Engine & Performance Features
    4.8L 5 Speed or 5.3 Auto
    Color-keyed fuel injection cover
    Heavy-duty insulated spark plug wires (JBA)
    True Flow air intake system
    Exclusive “Speedster”-style chrome 20 x 9.5 inch wheels 265/50/20 RSA Performance radial tires (AKA Foose Speedster w/ eagle RSA)
    Heavy-duty performance brakes w/oversize drilled and vented two-wheel disc brake rotors w/color keyed caliper (SSBC Big brake kit)
    Performance-designed and -enhanced power flow exhaust system 3in pipe headers to muffler-then muffler to tips is 2.5'' aluminum pipe
    Ceramic headers and Regency SS exhaust tips (JBA Shorties)
    Regency sport-tuned front and rear suspension Ground Force Kit 9937 which is 1.3'' drop in front, 3'' in rear=Coils, Hangers/Shackles, Shocks & Bump Stops

    Standard RST Exterior Features

    Chrome door handles w/color-keyed backing plate
    Billet aluminum grille w/color-keyed insert
    Stainless steel emblems
    Billet license plate frames
    Color-keyed bow tie
    Color-keyed factory mirrors
    Color-keyed front spoiler w/driving lights
    Front spoiler billet insert
    Color-keyed rear steel roll pan w/molded exhaust ports (& flip down plate bracket w/ tow hitch
    Exclusive rear tailgate spoiler w/graphics
    “RST” exterior graphics
    Color-keyed bumper cap
    3-year/36,000-mile warranty

    Option 1-Orange & White


    Option 2-Red & Black


    Option 3 - Black & Red

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    Very nice ride
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    Awesome pickups!:great:
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    What a fine truck, sad but good story too. I wish Mark's family the best and I am very sorry for the great loss you had to experience. :glasses:

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