Mass Airflow Sensor 2004 Tahoe

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    Greetings all. I am new here.Ii just inherited a 2004 Tahoe LT from my brother. It was in the shop for a check engine light and they said it is the MAF. The dealer wants around $450.00 for the repair. I do believe that i can change this out myself for alot less money. I do some of my own work on my cars so it cannot be that difficult. I would like to know where do you all buy quality parts for your vehicles? Do you go online somewhere? Have any of you done this before? I am used to my Durango so this is a different beast all together. Thanks in advance!!
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    Mas Airflow Sensor

    Try cleaning your MAF with CRCs MAF cleaner. Its about $4.00 a can and it may help. If that doesnt work and you replace the MAF stay away from the after market MAFs. They are junk as many people on this site can tell you. Your stock MAF will flow enough air for over 400hp. I buy most of my stock parts from These guys have been a GM dealer forever and are very helpful and have good prices. Also DO NOT use carb or throttlebody cleaner on your MAF sensor, make sure its MAF cleaner. CRC is the only one that ive found so far.
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    Thanks alot guy's. Good info. I will check out that web site. It has been cleaned by the dealer so I think it is time to get another one.
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    Are there any diagrams on here that can show me the engine layout? Does anyone have one they can show me? Thanks in advance.

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    I second trying to clean it. CRC MAF cleaner is the only stuff to use. Autozone usually sells it. The MAF is located in the air duct between the air filter and throttle body. When I clean mine, I remove the flanges on either side so I can clean the inbound side better. The MAF is EXTREMELY delicate. Do not touch the wires/plate in there with anything except the spray of the cleaner. No fingers, Q tips, compressed air, nothing.
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    Thanks 2COR. I bought some this weekend and I am going to clean it sometimes next weekend. Is goes off and on. It went back on after I came out of a car wash. We will see how well it works. I am hoping for the best!!
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    Well this weekend i bought the CRC Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner. I got the MAF out and man you guy's were right. I looked into the sensor and saw the tiny little components in there. I cleaned it out and the light has been off since. Thanks for the great help.
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