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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 03_silverado, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I was doing so looking around at some programers and i talked to some guy on line in a tech chat kinda thing and he told me that the hypertech max energy programer was one of the best out there right now. Does anyone have any comments on this? Is anyone using this programer and do you like it or hate it? He told me that the programer would automaticaly adjust itself if you add exhaust, CAI, MAF, header, ect... is that true? Im use to having my car retuned after changes like that but maybe this is a whole different ball game. Thanks for the help.
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    Here's a link to a thread where I told about my Max Energy:

    I'm not sure about the programmer automatically adjusting for aftermarket parts. I got mine after I already had an aftermarket intake and exhaust. Seems like a stretch to think it would automatically adjust, but I guess it's possible.
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    The Max Energy has the same tuning file on it as the power programmer so if you want to save some money go with the power programmer over the max energy. It is not true that it will automatically adjust to new modifications, basically your car's computer auomatically adjusts for new mods. But the tune will not change any when you add something new. Personally I think that the Predator is the best tuner on the market. The tunes in the programmers are going to give the same gains but the Predator has a lot of extra advanced functions such as modifying some of the parameters (such as adding some extra timing or adjusting the fuel injector curve) and it also has a real time data viewing feature. I've been selling used programmers on eBay for the last few years now. If you're looking for one for your truck or for your Mustang let me know, I have a Max Energy that will fit your Mustang and I have a Predator and a power programmer that will fit your truck.

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