Max Tire Size for 2001

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  1. From78to83

    From78to83 New Member

    Pretty basic question. I would like to run larger tires on my 2001 4wd Sub that has the original 16" wheels without lifting in any way, and I actually like my polished factory wheels!! I would not mind trimming slightly, though, the inner fenders if necessary. I currently run Michelin LTX M/S in 265 70 R16 and they are wore slam out. I plan on switching to Nitto Terra Grappler. My brother owns a wheel alignment business and he is a diehard Michelin man. I was surprised when he recommended these Nitto tires, so I am trying to get a larger tire without a lift. Does anyone have larger tires on their same body style Sub?
  2. Zzyzx

    Zzyzx Member

    I know on my '05 2WD Silverado, P265/70R17 is about as big as I can get away with stock without rubbing the wheel wells. Now, I'm pretty sure the 4WD has more clearance on the front wheels because it's more leveled. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience can chime in, but here's my non-scientific 2 cents. lol
  3. grape2

    grape2 Member

    I have a 97 K1500 Suburban that I just took 285/70's off. No rubbing and not lifted. I didn't think they looked right on the Suburban. I put 265/70 in their place.
  4. sgtsjj

    sgtsjj Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    you can fit 285/70's under the truck with out rubbing issues
  5. From78to83

    From78to83 New Member

    sgtsjj, Thanks for the answer. Is that what you have on your '99 silverado in your picture?
  6. wildmans92

    wildmans92 Member

    Actually 265/75r16 is the max on a 2001 my 1992 1 could get 286 75 r16s by turnin the bars up and maybe you could on the 01 too but my 2000 the 265/75's rub on the mudflaps on tight turns.

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