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    I've lived in southeast Oklahoma all my life my family is here. My household is me my wife & our 2 boys. We have a nice sized home on nearly 3 ac. which is more land than I need or want to take care of. My job sucks & the new economy makes it worse, I've been there for almost 12 years & no place within reasonable driving distance can compete if they are even hiring. My wife doesn't like it here anymore because there is nothing for the kids to do close by, I'm starting to agree with her & wondering what keeps me here. Mostly its the fear of what would happen I've switched possitions at my job a few times looking to find a better place only to be hitting a wall & I don't want to go so far as to sell our home move off (out of state if need be) change everything to find things worse than they are here. I would like to stay close to the area so visiting family wouldn't be a week vacation lol. Thinking about the surrounding states. I like the Southern Mo. area, NW Arkansas seems to be booming right now, Tulsa, OK is on the list my Brother in law lives there & could probably help me get a job the cost of living seems about the same as here but job pay is higher. I've been on the net past few days looking for cities towns in these areas & trying to compare but I thought I would ask on here how it is where you live even if you don't live in this 4 state area.
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    In Utah the jobs are few and far between and most companies prefer to hire undocumented workers than USA citizens. Since Arizona and California have been cracking down on undocumented individuals many are running to Utah who speaks with Forked tongue. Utah actually harbors the undocumented and provides benefits to them they don't to USA citizens. Wages are generally lower here than other states and insurance is higher. Depending on your occupational skills one can make good income.
    I hear North Dakota and Wyoming are booming with the oil business and pay is excellent. However housing is difficult to find.

    Good Luck on your journey. I know some of us would kill to have 3 acres or more of land so think hard about what you might do with the land to improve your lives.
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    Small country towns like the one I grew up in made me the hard working guy I am today. There have been opportunities for me to work in an office and put my technical skills to use, but I refuse to work in an environment where I can't sweat and move and work with my hands. I grew up basically on a farm and my father was a hard worker, all of my friends that I grew up with are the exact same way and I have to drive 45 miles to Waco just to get the feeling of a "city".

    There are times that it sucks, and it's usually in the extreme weather 110 degree weather with no clouds, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

    The reason I shared that with you all is because, that's what a small town can offer. A well rounded man that works hard for what he has, and that's what that small town has to offer your children. You have some land; put it to use my friend.

    My father always told me to never sell our land because you cannot make land and it's always sought after, especially in oil rich Texas.
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    I grew up in a very small town and moved to the largest county in Georgia to go to grade school, I hated it. First off i think it's better for kids to be raised in the sticks. I got into bad things way to young in life and it was because of wear I live everyone's doing it. If I was you'd I'd plant you some crop. I'm getting a college degree and once I'm done I'm moving to the family farm and never leaving. I'll build everything I'll ver need there. Plus u can't beat the real people from small towns, I can't stand all the fake materialistic people
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    I recommend that you avoid Missouri like the plague. There's a bad meth problem in that state (it's the meth lab capital of the country) and there is both crime and gangs to go with it. The translation for you should be that your kids -will- be exposed to this if you choose to raise them, there. I say that as someone who lived 40 mins south of MO (in Overland Park, KS ... just outside Kansas City, Kansas) ... and who was in MO at least once a week. I also regularly visited Fort Leonard Wood, MO from time to time ... and the military folks I knew there (all of whom were MP's) said the civilian story, nearby, wasn't much different.
  6. Sierraowner5.3

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    gota agree hear. i grew up in a small farming town. didnt know how good i had it till i got out to Virginia Beach., Now i just count the time till I can go back home and get back to doing what I know and like, farming!

    something to be said for having a piece of ground thats yours as well.

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    My green thumb is actually a death blow to plants I've tried a garden and was able to raise dirt. Have been thinking about fencing off my property line & either getting some goats (more expencive fencing) to help clear out alot of the area or get a cow or 2 to raise & sell or slaughter, I know this home is a good place to raise my kids because of the bad influences of city life. I am a laboring type of worker I refuse to be a manager because I would rather labor work than paperwork. Just going to take alot to get everything started out. As far as Missouri being the Meth capital of the country my little county Is second in command I see more people doing the "Crank walk" than I see normal people. One of the major reason I don't have alot of friends. I have 2.75 ac my house is not in the center of it its closer to the side. According to the property map I got when we had the house built the property is about 350ft square. The is a bar ditch or like a large drainage ditch that has alot of under growth & trees arround it but it snakes arround the other side of my land. I've been planning to have a small pond dug in this ditch because there is a natural bank just need to build the rest & make sure it drains & doesn't back up into my neighbors pasture, where the ditch begins. Back in my HighSchool days my Dad & I were pig farmers but we just raised them for shows & such. I didn't really like it at the time but looking back I'm glad we did this I did enjoy my FFA days but wished I was more into mechanics then like I am now. Anyways Thanks everyone for the advice I'm going to look into getting the fence built, if I still deside to sell it doesn't hurt the value of the home.
  8. ahmitchell1

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    Gfs parents own a slaughter house and raise all there own cows. They live on the same road as I did growing up. I'll be working there some. But try and get you some black angus. A lot more money. Gots can really eat up some grass I've seen em while out a smaller pasture
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    Yeah man, i'd start small with some cattle there are some families out here where I live that live off of cattle raising and they live GOOD. They all have brand new 3500 Silverados 4x4's and it makes me jealous, but I am just not fortunate enough to be able to buy some land and get my cattle raisin goin.
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    Depends on what kind of work you and your wife do. If she works. I live in Roanoke,VA. Economy seems to be doing good here for the most part. Cost of living isnt high and pay seems decent. I have been here since 98 working as a diesel mechanic. My wife works for the hospital so we make due on bills and have a few dollars to our name. We actually live in a small town on the outskirts of the city. I am 15-20 min from shopping and anything else. Id reccomend someone living here but as you stated.......its not in your 4 state local! check out our paper and check out craigslist jobs under Roanoke,VA. Never know......may be your home away from home!!!!

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