Mazdas being recalled because of....

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by McClintoc, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Amazing how they are recalling without any known cases of the possible problems created from the webs of the spiders. This is the proactive approach to safety issues that GM and other automakers need to take. What are the chances of this actually happening??? Yet they are not willing to take any chances.
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    If the fuel evap system is not correctly passing the PCM programed test then you will get the evap DTC. I would guess that is what is going on.. normally for our vehicles over filling causes the fuel to damage / plug up the canister fuel venting.. with the spiders this may also be some thing we should watch for if the insects can create this effect with the GM design.
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    As I'm reading this, I'm thinking why only Mazda?

    The spider is called a yellow sac spider and it is attracted to the vapours; but why is it only Mazda vehicles that are having this problem.

    This spider is not native to North America, it is from parts of Europe and Asia (including Japan).

    The vehicles being recalled are being built in Detroit; therefore, the insect must be in the parts being shipped from Japan.

    These insects might be a problem for Mazda, but they could prove to be big problem for North America.

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