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    McGee Chevrolet
    161 South Main Street
    Middleboro, MA
    (508) 947-2600

    You never know who you'll run into.....Remember that.

    If you don't want to read the story of my experience, skip ahead by clicking here for my rating of McGee Chevrolet.

    In the mean time while you're committing that to memory, let me tell you a story of my experience with McGee Chevrolet.

    Sunday the 3rd of Januay 2010 my wife went scouting online looking for a replacement Avalanche. By the end of the day she had narrowed the prospective new vehicles down from 186 to 17. On Monday she had further narrowed it down to the prime candidate. It was everything she was hoping for, and it was fairly close by. Only 36miles as the crow flies. 2006, Z71 4x4, blue, loaded...blah blah, you get the picture.

    We packed up our youngest and drove out to the dealership. We met with Scott Soares who was very accommodating, personable, and eager to make a sale. We looked the vehicle over and noted some things that in our opinion needed attention before we would consider buying it.
    New battery, tonneau cover gutter on passenger side, passenger side marker light, and low tire pressure.

    They assured us they could and would take care of the problematic parts.
    Our salesman, Scott asked for our keys so that he could assess the condition of our trade and get our registration. What we didn't realize was that while cleaning out the truck I had inadvertently put the registration in the house. But we had brought our title. When he came back in, he informed us that he was unable to find the reg. But he failed to mention that he had taken our title out of the glove box.

    We then went on to discuss price of the vehicle and our trade in price. I was shocked to see that old school sales practices were still being employed in some dealerships. We worked out the numbers, and we went through the run around of "let me see what my boss can do..." and so on. We finally ended up not taking their deal because they wouldn't budge on the price. We told them with the trade in we would go 12,000. We got up and proceeded to leave. My wife, my son, and myself were all nearly getting into the truck when he came running out saying my boss will accept your offer.
    All this time they still held our title without us even knowing it.

    We walked back in, and started the paperwork. While we worked out the paperwork the sales manager, Chris, wanted to better understand what the tonneau cover gutter was. So Chris, Scott, and the service manager went out to look at the missing part. They then walked over to our truck, presumably to see what the missing part looked like. When Scott came back in he said the gutter is fixed! My wife and I both looked at each other, and she said, "Did you just take it off our truck?" To which he very plainly said , "oh no. we got it off one in the back." We had our suspicions that he was full of crap, but we let it go momentarily.

    Now at this point we had been there a little over 2 hours and my son was getting antsy and hungry. So I brought him out to our truck and got him a snack we had packed. While out there, I went to look in the bed of our truck. I kinda knew that took it, but I had to see it. Sure enough our gutter was missing.

    I walked back in and told them the deal was off. I explained it wouldn't have been a problem if they had simply said they wanted to swap it, or did swap it. We had already offered to swap our brand new battery. I simply cannot tolerate liars. As we started to pack it up, I looked at my wife, and I knew that dispite this BS, this truck was kind of meant to be ours. We discussed that in all sales there's always some BS, and maybe it would go smoother after this. We sucked it up, and gave it another shot.
    I figured at the very least these clowns would not try any more crap, since they'd already been caught.

    We finished off the paper work with the sales manager who claimed that the previous management used to employ underhanded tactics with it's customers. This was something he was trying to get the sales team to move away from doing. I knew this was BS, since he was outside when the decision was made to swap the part out of our truck. The lies continued from Scott as he said told the service manager to grab it from another truck out back, and he had no idea what the service manager had done.

    The lies were deep, but we held out hope that soon the process would be over, and we'd be on our way. By the time we were ready to leave we had been held up for one reason or another for nearly 5 hours. When all was said and done it was explained that the service dept was closed, and we would need to wait for the next day to have the parts that required attention fixed, or serviced.

    A little disappointed we accepted this, and went home.
    The following morning we contacted Scott, and we were told that he was getting them to take care of it, and he would call us back. He called us later in the day, about 3pm and informed us the truck was on the lift. He explained that since RI has a requirement for VIN checks he would not be able to get the VIN verified, and the registration done until the service dept was done with it. So odds are we would not be getting the truck on Tuesday. We, begrudgingly agreed since they were going to take care of the reg, and VIN for us. It was a small price to pay.

    Wednesday passed and not a single call from Scott or any other employee from McGee. I called at one point and was transferred to Scott's line. At which point I heard the phone be picked up, and then promptly hung up. I didn't bother to call back. I'm not going to waste my time being hung up on.

    Thursday(today) we called and were told Scott was scheduled off for today. After speaking with Chris the service manager, he assured us that he would call Scott, and then call us back. Several hours passed between us calling, and Chris calling us back. When he did call us back he explained that Scott had come in on his day off, picked up the truck, and was leaving to have the VIN checked, and the registration done, this was 10:30am. According to Scott he was going to bring the truck to us after all this was done. However Chris claimed he had no idea Scott had planned this.

    From this point we spent the day waiting for delivery of our '06 Avalanche. At roughly 6pm Scott called us claiming to be at a pay phone, and explaining that his cell phone had died. He went on to explain that he had just gotten out of the DMV. (yay! more lies) We have caller ID, and it showed his number, and indicated that it was a cell phone. RI's DMV closes at 3:15 on Thursday, so we knew he didn't just get out of the DMV.
    I was too annoyed to deal with his lies. It's like when my daughter was younger. How can you tell she's lying? Her mouth is moving.
    So I handed the phone to my wife, who proceeded to rip him a new anal orifice, about the lies he was telling us. He came clean and explained that he was about 10miles away from the dealership, which was roughly 50 miles from us. So obviously he had no intentions of delivering the truck today.
    After much talk with my wife, he said he would turn around and bring us the truck. We expected him at about 7pm. When 8pm rolled around we figured he was not going to show up.

    At 9:15pm we heard a knock at the door. Scott was at our house delivering the '06 Avalanche. He went on to explain that he had already swapped the gutter part from our truck (which at this point we had agreed to) moved our tonneau cover bag to the '06, and swapped out license plates. Talk about an unsettling feeling. This kid was wandering around our back yard and going through our vehicle.

    Scott apologized repeatedly, and allowed us to look over the truck. Upon inspection the truck now had an additional 225+ miles on it from when we finalized the paperwork, and an empty fuel tank.
    He then went on to explain while he apologized, that his girlfriend had contacted him in the course of the day and explained that she had been cheating on him. This is why he was not thinking clearly, and didn't bring us the truck when he should have. Well life happens. We understand that, but once again, honesty first. I have serious doubts about the reality of Scott's story, but I didn't really care.

    Scott did try to make amends by allowing us to swap out the deluxe double visors that our '02 had with the standard visors in the '06. At a little after 10pm we took full delivery of our '06 Avalanche, and Scott went on his way with what used to be our '02.

    Over all we're very happy with our new Avalanche, but it was such a painful experience dealing with these people. I sure hope the vehicle was worth all the crap.

    But back to my original statement, "you never know who you'll run into", because maybe the person you're constantly lying to and treating like crap, might just turn out to be a moderator on one of the largest GM enthusiast websites. Who is very willing to share his experience with the rest of the world.
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    The Short of it is the following:

    McGee Chevrolet of Middleboro, MA gets the following ratings by me

    Customer Service:1
    Vehicle quality:4
    Follow through:1
    Sales practice issues:1

    (Scale 1-5)

    So if you don't care about being lied to constantly, and possibly being put on the back burner to get service or vehicle delivery they are for you. The quality of vehicles was good, and they have a fairly diverse group of creditors they use for financing.

    Be wary. Always check dealership reviews on the web, and also with the Better business bureau.

    Reviews that I should have checked prior to doing business with McGee Chevrolet:

    Better business bureau rating, and profile for McGee Chevrolet:
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    That was the longest post in the history of my post viewing. But none the less, a very interesting story. Im just glad your Avalanche is what you wanted, soon that experience will be a blip on the radar. Sry u had to endure that, just go take ur new whip for a ride, maybe go do some burn outs in the dealership lot :fighting0019:
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    It really is a shame that after all these years you still can't trust a used car salesman! Hope your new Avalanche works out for you.
  5. TrailLeadr

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    After all the BS that happened, it really got me thinking. This Avalanche was not GM certified. The dealership claimed that GM certification costs them money which is usually transferred into the cost of the vehicle to the customer. They further claimed that they try to save everyone money by doing their own 128 point inspection and not incurring a fee. Makes sense, I guess.

    But the more I think about it, is it less likely to be that they are trying to keep costs low. Does a dealership have to meet certain standards, like a customer satisfaction rating to qualify as capable of performing GM certifications?

    To me, the latter seems more likely, but I'm throwing this out there to see if someone can enlighten me.
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    7 offences regarding Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
    6 offences regarding Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices a GM dealership, why are they still in business?

    Sad story in this economy, what a douce bag dealer
  7. Cableguy

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    and its common practice to do a 128 point (Bogus) inspection which is done from 10' away from truck or car :neutral:

    I had it done to me on a car. I found tires on a car I bought were under minimum depth, cracked windshield, leaking anti-freeze, worn serpentine belt, tail light bulb out, just to name a few...
    From a GM dealership which is not in business anymore
  8. Mtbyker81

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    I was at McGee on January 3rd 2010 as well, checking out a 05 Silverado. The truck looked good and drove pretty well, except for a vibration that they said they would take care of. To explain the entire story would make for another very long post. Bottom line, after multiple trips up from the Cape to pick up the truck, they never got rid of the vibration. This afternoon, Imed, the GM verbally berated me in front of everyone in the dealership, saying he wanted to cancel the deal, I'm being f-ing ridiculous, he doesn’t care about my f-ing deal, he just cared about my parent deal (they were also at the dealership on the 3rd and bought a new Equinox), he said every truck vibrates on the highway this time of year, and he said I wanted a new truck for the price of a used one. I told him that now I understood what all the bad reviews and the bad grade from the Better Business Bureau were all about I very calmly stated how unprofessional he was being, screaming at me in the middle of the dealership. I'm a very calm person so I wasn't yelling back at all, I found his outburst almost comical.

    As for Scott the internet sales guy, he wasn't a complete jerk, and actually did make attempts to get the vibration corrected, but he seems to have too much on his plate and is disorganized, which makes his customer service lousy and frustrating.

    To sum it up, by the end of the day I was ready to cancel the deal as well. I really hope people don't fall so in love with a vehicle at this place that they look past all the BS. Do your research, read the reviews, and go to a reputable dealer (as hard as it may seem to find). It's worth spending a little more money at a good dealer, which is what I'll be doing.
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    Haha I love the last paragraph of your experience, that is bitter sweet justice for sure. I could write a book on all of the crap like this we have dealt with different dealerships, sneaky little cracks aren't they? How many miles were on the Avalanche when you first looked at it, because GM will only certify a vehicle with less than I think 50,000 miles. I will ask around about that, but up here most of our certified vehicles have extremely low mileage. (12,000-36,000 miles)

    Too bad that dealer wasn't on the chopping block for GM's bankruptcy, they sound like they need a little attitude adjustment.
  10. black06

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    I'd beat that S.O.B for going through my glove box and taking parts off my car or truck. 2 things I can't stand in this world is a liar and a thief, cause a liar will still from you and a thief will lie to you. Hopefully the Avalanche is working out for you and your family:)

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