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    I was running Hella 220 Jumbo fog lights on my former DD "Easy Bake" I really liked their power and ability to clearly light the road during Oregon's foggiest days and nights. They were smashed when "Easy Bake" got knocked out by a scheissekerl that ran a stop sign. These Hella lights don't come cheap but I was cruising EBay the other day and I found these cheaper by Bosch that, rather than the Hella plastic shells these are made of treated aluminum and seem to be more heavy duty.
  2. Turbogus

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    On my '96 K1500 throughout last summer and now into winter I'm having an occasional no start issue, during the summer I was guessing either a missing heat shield or bad grounds. It behaves most of the time but this morning trying to get to work and it was another no start making me late for work until after leaving it on a charger for a few minutes she started right up again.
    By no start I mean that there's not a hint of cranking or clicking from the solenoid, which is why I'm now suspecting wiring and, if the solenoid wiring is like the rest I've found on this truck... the ground strap is likely bolted to a painted surface. Going to check with my friend that owns a shop and see if I can borrow his lift for a bit so I can get a better look at it.
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    is it just random? could be the ignition switch. was the battery fully charged when you put it on the charger? next time this happens try repeatedly turning the ignition on n off.
  4. Turbogus

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    Whe these symptoms arise it's normally when the engine is at operating temperature so I just wait a short while for things to cool down (like an electrical impedance) The battery voltage this morning was 12.2 V, after three or more attempts with the key. All lights were bright so I doubt it's a battery issue, but I could be wrong. After a short while on the charger (3 or 4 min). she started right up, after arriving at work and catching up with my late arrival I tried to start her again and she fired right up. I'm still thinking wiring but am checking on rebuilt staters from $132.00 down to $68.00 (reman by Ultima).
  5. Turbogus

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    I left BBB on the charger overnight and she fired right up this morning despite the cool temperatures, but I doubt it's a battery issue because even when she refuses to start all of the lights, radio gear, etc are at full power. I'm pretty anal when it comes to battery maintenance. If fact once I get time and money going to make my own primary cables out of 2/0 weldig wire and Mil spec. battery terminals like I did on BB my '78 CJ 5. I was short sleep from last night and today the shop was full and too cold for me to get going on this. Going to go for a full 8 tonight.
  6. Turbogus

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    Well, what do you know... I got enough sleep to be alert for a change and wheeling over to the shop (nice and warm) I check battery voltage at 12.44V static, With headlights, radio heater and turn signals on she wouldn't start the "S" terminal (on the solenoid) was at 8.40V and the switch terminal was even less 7.33V.
    By the service manual the next step is to Replace the ignition switch. With this in mind having to pull the steering wheel, air bag and so forth is more than my current knowledge allows. One of the mechs. at the shop mentioned the contacts at the starter relay may be the issue.
    I just have to find the components and turn to. With this being my daily driver I'm not looking forward to this.
  7. thegawd

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    ignition switches can fail in many ways.

    you do not need to pull the airbag to change the ignition switch. its a little involved but honestly not that hard. you can do it for sure. you just need to remove the lower part of the dash, the metal bracket that runs from one side to the other right under the steering wheel and the shroud that covers the steering column. theres the right way to remove the key lock cylinder and then theres the easy way. I went the easy way. drill a 1/4" hole 4 1/4" over from the hazard switch. after doing that you insert your key and a 2" nail down the hole and into the hole on the lock cylinder that allows you to turn the key all the way and then remove it. youtube this... it honestly takes 2 mins to do that and then you can easily remove the top half of the shroud from the column. i guess you only need to do that if the top shroud wraps around the key lock cylinder like on my 97, i think its the same on yours. once the key lock cylinder and steering column shroud is removed its just a matter of carefully removing the wiring bundle that runs from the ignition switch to the main harness plug. unscrew the plug frpm the main harness and carefully pull it out taking care to remember what side of the plugs go where, I took pics. remove the screws from the ignition switch and pull it out and the entire wiring bundle and replace in the reverse order.

    I have a thread on this, there is no way to fix an ignition switch, i tried. LOL. I used a pick a part junkyard switch that was replaced already on a low kms truck.

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    Thanks so much for that tip thegawd, it didn't even dawn on me to check out Youtube. The really nice thing for me is I can take this in stages. Given what little free time I have this is great!
    I pulled the Starter Relay and this pins looked clean, to break up any surface oxidation I pushed and pulled it a few times, likewise with the fuse.
    Whenever this situation happens I've noticed if I just wait for a spell it'll recover and start, this didn't do me any good the other morning when I was late for work though.
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    Or you can use the Murphy start. If you go out to start it with plenty of time to arrange for another way to get to work it will start every time. :)

  10. Turbogus

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    o_O Murphy start?

    Is this arching the Solenoid?

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