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    So last night picking up some low dose asprin and distilled water for my CPAP I pulled into BiMart and upon returning to BBB (Big Blue Beast) the truck didn't start again, same story, not a peep from the Solenoid or Starter. So I played the waiting game I'm becoming accustomed to, after a couple more attempts I smacked the bottom of the steering column and she started right up. Despite the mech. at the shop steering me towards the Starter Relay and terminals I'm thinking more along the lines of the Starter Switch, given the proximity of it in the column.
    I've seen these things run from around $30 to $145, mindful that my family is on welfare I cannot go for the top of the mark part despite my desire to stick with my OEM or better idiom of when I had a good income only a few years ago.
  2. Turbogus

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    So another day at the auto shop, pulled the starter (how small and cute it is compared to the Chevy's of my past) and found some oxidation on the terminals of the Solenoid that I wire brushed and dielectric greased, also signs of oxidation where the wire feeds to the battery. I really hate the battery terminals on this rig, they look no better than the clamp and squish the wire kind. Ran the starter down to the local Advance Auto Parts joint to test the dingus since it was already out, but no one on the staff could figure out how to use the new test machine. Checked continuity of the purple wire from the starter relay to the Solenoid and it is solid. After addressing these oxidation issues she started right up, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    progress and process of elimination. nothing wrong with that. good luck and take it easy Gus!
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    Thanks for sticking with this thread thegawd. It's early yet to see if I finally got on top 0f this thing, I've noticed the Voltmeter is steadier around 14V indicated and it may be my imagination but my headloights seem a little brighter, still have the LED's coming in the mail though. I know better than to neglect my electrical system and after adding a second battery to 'Black Betty' my '78 CJ5 I'm very familiar with battery, starter and alternator care, not to mention the electric fans I wired up with a scabbed in relay box and Fan assembly.

    Now I just have to find a wire path from the dash switches to the firewall, going to continue on my fog light thread.
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    She's been starting up like a champ since, I'm going to take a closer look at the alternator for oxidation as well when I get a chance.
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    It turned out that the "Chevy" mech at the shop that put the motor in overtorqued the battery connection at the solenoid to the point the plastic header of the solenoid was loose. I thought I was the only one with orangatan arms :p I've been guilty of this on "BB" with it's Ford solenoid.

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