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Discussion in 'IA - Iowa Chevy Truck Nuts' started by bac-n-afect, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. bac-n-afect

    bac-n-afect Rockstar 100 Posts

    It seems to me that we have way more Ioweegans on this forum than I had previously thought!!!

    Stand Up and Be Counted! Show the Forum that WE ARE NOT JUST
    Idiots Out Walking Around... :lol:

    Names Marc and I'm from the Quad City Area. Lived in IA my whole life and besides my trip to Australia, No place on earth has come close to beating it! Glad to meet everyone!

  2. dirtyharry45

    dirtyharry45 New Member

    Hey!, Dirtyharry45 here from northcentral Iowa Algona area. Just joined the other day and looking foward to the forum.
  3. bac-n-afect

    bac-n-afect Rockstar 100 Posts

    Welcome to the Forum! Have you seen Gran Torino yet? I'm a clint eastwood fan as well.
  4. adidasboy918

    adidasboy918 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    How's it going guys? How's the weather back there? I'm not in IA but was orginally from back there. I have family in Souix City and planning on heading back there to visit hopefully sometime this year.
  5. silverlight

    silverlight New Member

    Howdy all, I'm in the Cedar Rapids area.
  6. dangerous dave

    dangerous dave New Member


    transplanted...from socal but found me this hot little iowa girl, and decided to make a new fork in the iowa family tree!! live in the big thriving metropolis of ankeny...
  7. fuzznuts

    fuzznuts New Member

    hey i'm tyler i grew up in the small town of Vinton its near cedar rapids. I joined the army got orders to germany got deployed to Iraq there. After i got back from deployment i reenlisted for Fort Riley, Kansas it the closest i can get to the great state of IOWA can't wait to go back to iowa. I'm deployed right now for the second time I'll be back home in june.
  8. pickupman21

    pickupman21 New Member

    Lytton IA small town in northwest Iowa.
  9. bac-n-afect

    bac-n-afect Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well there are a few more of us that I had guessed! I'd say thats a good thing. A special thanks to the fella from socal for the new fork. Thats good cuz all I had was a spoon. lol

    I'm thinking of building an Iowa chapter of the forum. Not anything too involved. I'm thinking It would be more of a forum club to share pictures of the butter cow and well.... Our trucks!

    Anyone interested?
  10. 04 crew cab

    04 crew cab New Member

    From just south of Fort Dodge here.

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