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Discussion in 'IA - Iowa Chevy Truck Nuts' started by bac-n-afect, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf Rockstar

    well at some point im going with a 3 inch. but i just got a new set of 285/70/17s cooper stt, and they would look small with a 3 inch. so im gonna hold off for now.
  2. ChevyHD

    ChevyHD Rockstar 100 Posts

    Elberon-Ever heard of it? Neither has anyone else.
  3. IAsilverado

    IAsilverado Rockstar

    I saw those tires and i love how aggressive those things look.
    I have 285/75/R16's (33.5" or so) on my truck and i have a 4 inch suspension lift but i couldn't go any bigger with the tires b/c of rubbing issues and they don't look too small in my opinion... are you going with a body lift or suspension?

    Yes actually i have heard of it! haha
  4. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf Rockstar

    Well mine barely rub. Im doing a suspension lift of 3 inches. I'd like to keep my hitch so thats why im avoiding a body lift.
  5. Iwegian

    Iwegian New Member

    Greetings from NW corner of Butler County.....closest town would be Aredale (pop. 87). Our claim to fame is...........Not a single Traffic Signal in the entire County.
  6. otsq759

    otsq759 New Member

    Nick from mason city here...
  7. jschaffer116

    jschaffer116 New Member

    Jason, Cedar Rapids.
  8. edbrown

    edbrown New Member

    Scranton Iowa
  9. Chesters

    Chesters Well-Known Member 2 Years ROTM Winner Gold Member 1000 Posts

    OK, guys live in Fenton Il. work in Clinton Iowa. Grew up most my life westend Davenport, Iowa. Quad Cities but grew when it was called Quint Cities.

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