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    Can we have a roll call of all members in the Service United States,Canada or anywhere for that matter. I not sure what your allowed to publicly state, but give us where your from, where your stationed. Whatever else your allowed to say about service. We're proud of you and your service. Belly up boys and girls!
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    OK. I've been in the Marine Corps nearly six years, my home station is Camp Pendleton, CA, and I'm in the middle of my third deployment to Iraq. I'm married (for 5 years) and I have two boys, age 4 and 1 1/2. Can't wait to see them again. :great:
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    Branch: U.S. Navy
    Joined in Sacramento, Ca. December 1981
    Stationed @ JRB Fort Worth, TX (formerly Carswell AFB).
    Retired May 2004 as CWO2 after 22yrs service.
    Recalled for 1yr in October 2006 as Senior Instructor for Logistics Combat Aircrew Training Program (LCACT).
    Promoted to CWO3 May 2007.
    Job: In Flight Engineer Instructor (IFE) on Boeing 737-300 Platform.
    Release from Active Duty September 2007.

    I train Aircrew to fly and fight the aircraft in a hostile enviroment, Mission continuity after battle damage, and ground Escape and Evasion (E&E) methods.
    It's mostly classroom work so I only instruct 2 days a week and fly 1 day a week. I'm still employed by my civilian employer 3 days a week also.
    After 22 years Active Duty I now know how Reserve Personnel feel, My hats off to them.
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    I've just signed w/ the United States Marine Corps and will be officialy sworn in in august of this year. Im an officer candidate and will be attending a 4 year college w/ the help of the marines and will complete all of my training during my summers. upon graduation i will be transfered to active duty(reserves now) as an Infantry Officer in the USMC and will hopefully begin Recon training.

    Devil Dawgs all the way!


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