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  1. Blue05LT2

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    Ok. I now have 2 issues that I could do without fixing, but let's see if it's an easy fix.

    #1: Memory seats. I noticed that my seats don't go back to the memory position when you put the key in. Every other GM truck & SUV i've been in that has the 2 user memory seating returns to whichever position is on the numbered key fob. Mine does not. Ideas?

    #2: When I turn on the backup (curb view) mirror function, the mirrors go up just a little bit when I put the truck in reverse, instead of going down like they should. Ideas on this?

    The power seats & mirrors will go to programmed positions if you hit the # 1 or 2 buttons in park. So as far as that goes, it all works properly, just have to actually push the button to switch.

    Thanks all,

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    Ok, so apparently GM discontinued the memory seat 'recall' feature in the 2005 model year (even though they still used the numbered remote fobs). So I guess the new question for that would be is there an update for that? I know Cadillac made an update back in '05, but does anyone know if Chevy has yet or @ all?
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  2. pmf608

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    As far as I know, the only memory features they discontinued in 05 were the radio and climate control settings. the rest should still work. I believe you should have a setting for seat recall in your driver information center. As far as the curb view mirror, I believe that while you are in reverse and it is tilted, you can use your mirror adjustment switch to adjust the position. It should save whatever position you set it to and recall that in the future. If not, try holding the memory button to store it after you have adjusted it. Hope this helps.
  3. Blue05LT2

    Blue05LT2 New Member

    Ya, there's no memory recall in the info center (my boss's wife & my buddy both have '05 GM SUV's. 1 denali & 1 tahoe lt & neither have it). I think i'll just call my contact in my local Chevy dealer service/parts department & see what he has to say about it. As far as the mirrors go, I think i'll try what you said & adjust them in revere & see if they go back when I take it out of reverse.

  4. pmf608

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    Let me know how the mirrors work.

    I just took a look at an owners manual for an 05, and apparently there is no automatic seat recall, which I find incredibly stupid considering they kept the easy exit seat. I know they brought the automatic memory recall back on newer vehicles (my mom's '08 lucerne recalls when unlocking with the remotes), so that's a good thing, but I guess those few years got left out. As far as GM memory features go, the 03-04's are the best. They have automatic recall by remote or key in ignition, and will recall all of your settings including radio and climate control. I can't even begin to understand why GM went backwards on those features.
  5. Blue05LT2

    Blue05LT2 New Member

    Yup, pretty stupid that they did that! Especially when they even kept the numbered key fobs! Like I said, I know Escalades have a re-write in the programming from the dealer because so many complained about it. So i'm hoping the dealer can give me better news about the Tahoe when I call tomorrow (but i'm keeping my hope WAY down).

    The mirrors were stupidly simple! Wife just got home, so I went in the garage & did like you said. Put it in reverse with the curb view on, adjusted the mirrors down to where I wanted them, put it in park. Put it in reverse & they work! THANK YOU!
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  6. Matt3PO

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    Newbie first post here:
    Wow, great info, thanks guys!
    I had an Acura that tilted the pass mirror down on reverse, and I was excited about this feature because my driveway is narrow and down hill, but when I enabled the feature(06 Denali) the mirrors went so far down I couldn't see anything, so I just turned the feature off.
  7. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    No problem. Any way I can help. I hope you get (or got) good news from the dealer on an update for getting all of the memory features back. I know that would be good information for a lot of people who would like to use those features. Like I said, the easy exit seat is a nice feature, but would be pretty annoying when it doesnt go back by itself.
  8. Blue05LT2

    Blue05LT2 New Member

    My buddy is looking into it. I'm gonna give him a call again on Monday, but it's not looking so great for Tahoe people. I'll let everyone know when I get a solid answer.

    Well, like I said from pmf608's info, while in reverse with the curb view on, adjust your mirrors down or to wherever you want them while in reverse & they should go back to that spot whenever you go into reverse as long as you have that feature enabled. At least that's how it worked for me.
  9. Matt3PO

    Matt3PO New Member

    that did work, thanks! I read the owner's man, but did not see that part, then again I did skim as there is a lot of good info mixed with more BS.
    Its a huge help when backing in to my narrow driveway, hard to explain, but it is a huge help with the mirrors tilted down slightly.
  10. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Glad you got it working. I just took a look at the owners manual for an 03 avalanche, and it does tell you how to adjust the curb view position, but thats not to say that all models (silverado, tahoe, etc.) and years say that in the manual. Thats what we're here for anyway, to help other out. By the way Matt3PO, welcome to the club!

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