Meticulously maintained silverado ss limited edition awd!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks For Sale eBay' started by Twiztidss, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar


    i am never on here so either email me or call cell both are listed in ad....

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    more pics available. you really have to see to appreciate the camera doesnt do it true justice. you will not find a better maintained or cleaner ss. these were limited edition between 03-06 BUT THE 03 AND O4 SS' WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT WERE AWD. THE SS ALSO HAS A BEEFIER TRANSMISSION 4L65E NOT THE 4L60E!!

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    cell- (845)238-4024


    this truck needs absolutely nothing!!!! new tires brakes etc. all standard maintainece done and thousands invested!!!

    any questions dont hesitate....
  2. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

  3. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    price drop $19,000!!

    why get a base model this thing is fully loaded and limited edition. awd with every option you can think of along with thousands invested. why buy a cheap truck with over 100,000 miles a couple thousand cheaper than worry about breaking down and then sinking not only maintance money into it but modding money. do it once do it right. needs nothing and has almost every bolt on and visual thing you can buy. if you dont want the cap with it i can budge slightly on price. it obviously looks better without it but if you have both you can do much more with the truck....

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    CELL - 845 238 4024

  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Were you ever up at Bear Mt with it? I think I saw it up there at the Cruz night..
  5. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    I have been there awhile ago but I am also in that area alot. Buy my truck!
  6. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    Buy it you tinkers!!! (fist shake)
  7. stephan

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    I would really consider buying this with everything it's got & the price is great & it's BLACK (my fav. color) just exactly what I want, but with the liberal dumbocrats screwing the economy in '06 & again in 2008 giving us a socialist prez I just can't do it right now. Things are just getting worse where I'm at. If you still have it, if & when the economy turns around I will buy it on the spot. I have saved your email & phone#. I hope you still have it when I have more work & can feel confident that I won't need the $$ to keep from starving..

    edit**I won't be lowballing you either. I can see the value..
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  8. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    Thanks for the bump stephan. Truck really is in excellent shape and very well kept. If things turn around for you let me know. Definately want to see someone enjoy this truck as much as I did. I anyone is interested please pm me I am not really on this anymore...
  9. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    Just spent $300 on proffesional compound and wax!! This thing has no scratches and looks great!!! 18,500 takes it!!! Make some money with this truck

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    i am never on here only way to reach me is on my cell 845 238 4024
  10. Twiztidss

    Twiztidss Rockstar

    bump cmon guys give me a reasonable offer this thing is mint!!!

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