Mickey thompson vs Dick Cepek Tires

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Lincoln_Silverado, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Lincoln_Silverado

    Lincoln_Silverado New Member

    Hello Everbody....

    This is my first post here, my dilema is getting new tires for my 01 silverado.

    I put a deposit on Dick Cepek FC-II tires, which I originally wanted on my truck but they are having problems in getting them. I got to wait till the end of Dec or early Jan.

    Hmmm, my tires right now are quite bad and I need a good set of all terrain tires. We get a lot of snow of course in New Brunswick, for some of you thats in Canada not New Jersey :money:LOL I do a lot of city driving too, and few dirt roads in the summer here and there. No mudding.....

    The shop called me up and they said they have the Mickey Thompson Baja Atz tires in stock, so should I go for them or should I wait for the dick cepek tires.

    Any input or recommendation will be greatly appreciated, I really do not know who to ask in town, I have read some reviews on both tires, but I cannot find anybody comparing the too.

    I do like the white lettering on the FC-II which I do not think you can get them on the Bajas.
  2. BLK-Z71

    BLK-Z71 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Wait for the Dick Cepek FC-II tires, thats waht iam goin for when i put my lift in:great:
  3. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I was going to buy a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Claws last year from Summit Racing, and the guy talked me out of the $1,000 purchase. He said that you would be lucky to get 20,000 miles on them, and they are noisy as hell on the road! I don't off-road so I decided against them, and I have seen a lot of Dick Cepek wheels running around recently.
  4. Lincoln_Silverado

    Lincoln_Silverado New Member

    ehhhh I went saw the baja atz, I cant wait for the dick cepek tires, I guess there are major back order problems with them right now....

    I am getting my new tires on wed., and i will give a feedback on how they are in snow...
  5. Lincoln_Silverado

    Lincoln_Silverado New Member

    I got new skyjacker nitro shocks put in, and a skyjacker leveing kit in front with the baja atz tires (33). Anyways we had a major snow storm yesterday, I put the truck in Auto 4wd, I can tell you that it handled the roads quite good. Oh my gosh to me the road noise was horrible, but again i dont have anything to compare them to. I think winter tires are still be better, but i think i did good.

    Now I have a problem, I think the tire on the left in front is rubbing, cause I hear a noise everytime I turn the steering to the left, I stopped the truck and turned the steering all the way to the left and all the way to the right and it was not touching the truck, sohow do you check if it is ok,
    talk about our professional off road mechanic, you think they check this stuff.... piss me off

    Can I ask another question too, if you get a confirmed quote from your mechanic that includes all the labour and tires, and I put a deposit to order the parts and then when you come back to pick up the truck, they say the stock shocks took more time that we discussed so you owe us 40 bucks more, is this reasonable I would think they should at least call me in advance rather than suprise when I go pick up the truck, what would you do >

    Did you ever think about the non winter tires, do you think they change their tire charasteristic through -20C weather, like I mean they get more stiff and hard with time, its just my theory but I could be wrong
  6. a4X42nv

    a4X42nv New Member

    I put on 35" tires(M.T. Baja Claws) and the dealerturned the wheel in both direction and the tires did not touch. When I drove it the tires rubbed in both directions. I think driving and turning the wheel makes your vehicle lean brining your tire closer to the frame. I could actually look out my window and see the tire stop turning when It rubbed. My dealer took the tires back and I replaced them with 33" tires(Nitto Terra Grapplers). Try putting chalk on the frame closest to the tire edges, on both left & right side, lead and trail edge of the tire.

    I don't think it is unreasonable for increase in labor charges if there are problems. I do think they should have let you know about it though. I replaced my own shocks and ran into problems with rusted bolts and nuts. I had to cut them off and get new bolts, that took longer than I expected.

    I own 5 vehicles and I run 2 sets of tires on all but my 1955 ford thunderbird(only driven in the summer). I just sold a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel truck with 82,000 miles on it, and ran Michelin tires in the summer and Goodyear Wrangler MTZ's in the winter. I went through 2 sets of Goodyears with probably more than 75% of the tread left on the second set. The Michelins were the original set that came with the truck and had another summer left in them. My 2 daughters and wife drive a Grand am GT, Eclpes GT, and an Impala SS and I run studdless winter tires on them. They are very soft and would wear down quick if I ran them all year, but they sure do grip the road on the icy colorado mountains in the winter. Thats why the dealer replaced my rubbing tires. I buy enough tires from him.
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  7. Lincoln_Silverado

    Lincoln_Silverado New Member

    Thanks for the reply Dennis.

    I found the rubbing problem, it was rubbing with the mud flap, so I might trim or take it off. Its hard to do anything when you get snow everywheres, your truck makes more noise from every direction.

    You know I am pleased with them, but I thought I will get a bigger more aggresive look with them, to me I know I got bigger tires than the stock driver down the road but it doesnt show that much. I could have went with 3" inch lift and 35" tires. but thats more moeny and I do a lot of city driving, so harder on gas and etc.

    I think when spring comes along i am going to put some new rims and get a nice offeset so the tires look wider, hopefully that doesnt cause rubbing issues.

    Oh yeah u had to see my stock shocks, they were discusting loool

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