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    Im just curious if anybody here has run Mickey Thompson baja STZ on their trucks. Im getting a set put on today, they have the aggressive tread that i want that wont make to much road noise, my question is how do they wear because i have a set of BF Goodrich ATs on there now and it seems like they hit about a 1/4 inch of tread and now they are bulletproof so to speak because they wont wear beyond that.
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    I purchased a set of Mickey Thompson MTZ, which I know isn't what your getting. I paid a ton of money for these tires, they are very quiet, e load rating great for towing. My truck gets stuck in the smallest snow spot, or even a slick spot of ice of rain. I have maybe 10,000 miles on the tires, and they are coming off this summer and getting scrapped no bull. Very disgusted with them, they are on a 2500HD by the way. Hope you have better luck.

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    I mispoke on my previous post, they are ATZ. The tread is still like brand new, but the traction is for crap.

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