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Discussion in 'Meets & Get-Togethers' started by GMCErica, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. JC8865

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    Thanks for Everything youve done so far Erica..much appreciated,having set up a few meets between Ham radio and Bike meets I know it takes alot of work and organization and can be frustrating at times..so from myself and the others interested..A Big Thanks to You.

  2. 4x4squared

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    Gaylord, Michigan (northern lower). cant go too far but if its close enough and schedule permitting, ill be there :)
  3. JnBama

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    didn't know anything about posting for southern state meet
  4. Coach24

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    That bis why I suggested a direct mailing to each in the region. there has to be someway in these fancy boxes to seperate that information and send mass mailings to awaken the dead and hibernating.

    Erica I told you they mostly hibernate up their by the great lakes:na:
  5. GMCErica

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    [MENTION=51306]jnbama[/MENTION] I added you already :)

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    Coach, thanks for the tip!! I will organize this the way I want, and I find members everyday by going through the members list... THANKS
  6. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Easy girl. Not trying to step on yer toes but just explain an obvious easier and quicker way to help ya out.
    guess I read you wrong and possibly you do have an issue or two.:neutral:
  7. GMCErica

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    No issue, we talked about this before a few times, and I said before I appreciate your tips, but I already have a system for planning and if the members don't want to check the threads and post, that is their loss.. I am not going to break my butt trying to help everyone out, I am organizing this for the members and if they don't want to take advantage of the opportunity for a summer truck meet, then I am sorry for them..
  8. ChevyHD

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    Eastern Iowa. When would this meet be? And any ideas yet as of were?
  9. GMCErica

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    Hey.... Thanks for posting!! I got a list of 23 members, should be a great meet... Well, from my list I have most are from Minnesota or Ohio/Michigan, so I will see who posts by tomorrow.. And then I will send out an thread for the members to comment on my two choices of locations and dates for the meet... Keep an eye out for it coming soon... :)
  10. sgtsjj

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    hahaha HUG for erica for being awesome

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