Mile Marker Project ES: Water, Mud, and Snow Proof Recovery Winches

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    For you REAL Offroaders....

    [h=2]Mile Marker Project ES: Water, Mud, and Snow Proof Recovery Winches[/h][​IMG]Mile Marker’s all new Project ES (Element Sealed) winches feature best in class line speeds, corrosion proof construction, submersible solenoids with marine-grade connections, and have 19 watertight seals to conquer every element imaginable. Other winches claim “waterproof” or “sealed,” but Mile Marker’s Project ES winches were independently lab certified to the IP68 standard to be impermeable to liquid and dust. Mile Marker has a full line of the Project ES Winches ranging from 2500 pounds to 15,000 pounds. For more information, visit
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    Those are really nice! I always wanted one. Being environmentally sealed makes it more appealing.

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