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Discussion in 'Military & Vets' started by BigWallyz, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. tlperry68

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    1 enlistment in the US Maries. Too many bases to list but mainly Camp Lejeune, NC and 1 overseas deployment wit the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Good times.
  2. BigWallyz

    BigWallyz Former Member

    Welcome to the Military thread
  3. _BT_

    _BT_ Member

    FYI......the 2009 BAH rates will be out on the 19th
  4. CamoRig

    CamoRig Member

    My Site seeing tour started back in 1983

    Been stationed at the following bases
    Ft Hood Texas (twice)
    Ft Richardson Alaska
    Ft Huachuca Arizona
    Ft Gordon Ga
    Camp Carrol Korea (Twice)
    Coleman Barracks Germany
    I've also had the wonderful oppurtunity to be given assignments in South West Asia twice, Africa and South America and we won't mention the monkeys in the jungles of Central America.
    None of it was fun and games but I wouldn't trade a single minute of my memories
  5. BigWallyz

    BigWallyz Former Member

    Welcome to the both of you.
  6. ChewNchevys

    ChewNchevys Rockstar

    Hi ya again BigWallyz, lol

    <<< starein at 6 yrs in the beloved Marine Corps,

    places iv been:
    Palma de la malorca, spain
    Rota, Spain
    Rhodes, greece
    Aquabar, Jordan
    Dijubuti, Africa
    Camp V kuwait
    Fallujah/ Al Anabar provience, Iraq
    pit stopped for beer in germany on my way home
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  7. 808hoe

    808hoe Member

    11yrs Navy as an aviation electronics technician.

    stationed at:

    barbers pt hawaii
    kaneone marine corps base hawaii
    patuxent river maryland
    kaneohe marine corps base hawaii

    been all over on navy deployments, just got done with my 2nd tour in iraq
  8. sdavis2702

    sdavis2702 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I am definitely in the military. Been in 6 years... US Army E5.
  9. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member

    Well, my military experience is a bit different. Joined the Marines at 18, boot camp in San Diego, more training at Camp Pendleton, sent to VietNam and stationed in a forward base called Gio Linh. Wore a radio and drew a lot of attention from the VC. Got shot three times in left chest and shoulder and shrapnel in leg and rear end (yea, git the lead out of your ass!). Spent about 20 days floating up and down the coast of Nam on the USS Sanctuary then transferred to Great Lakes Naval Base for about 10 months. Got a medical retirement at the ripe old age of 20. Viet Nam was 41 years ago for me and I am still going strong.
  10. ChewNchevys

    ChewNchevys Rockstar

    ERR! Semper FI!

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