Military Roll Call ~ Active Duty or Veteran : Sound Off

Discussion in 'Military & Vets' started by BigWallyz, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Wow. That's like a lifetime ago.
  2. Rebel_Bowtie

    Rebel_Bowtie Rockstar

    Never saw this thread. USAF, Commissioned in 2011, Security Forces officer. Currently deployed to Afghanistan but hopefully coming home soon.
  3. USAF-Suburban

    USAF-Suburban Rockstar 100 Posts

    USAF--Hit 20 years on the 12th of next month. Been a long interesting ride that isn't quite over yet... Currently stationed in New Mexico but have been all over the last 2 decades. Greg
  4. Manta22

    Manta22 Member

    US Army, 1988-1990. Sentenced to Ft Sill, OK - Basic, Advanced, and permenant party. Pershing II missiles.
  5. 89 stepside

    89 stepside New Member

    Semper Fi to all my brothers in arms USMC 91-95. Thank you to all who are still serving and to all that have served.
  6. Goldie

    Goldie Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Thanks 89 Step side! Happy Birthday (a day late) and SEMPER FI!
    Enlisted USMC 1966, boot at MCRD, ITR Pendelton, Radio school MCRD, 1st Wing MCAS Beaufort, 2nd Wing Phu Bai RVN (68-69).
  7. Guardrail

    Guardrail Member

    Usaf 88-93
  8. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy Rockstar 100 Posts

    heya, US-Amry here. still deployed but will be home soon. this will be my 8th deployment and 6th time to the mid-east. i will enforce a discharge if i ever have to come back here again. :fighting0019:
  9. GMANs95

    GMANs95 Member 1 Year

    USAF - 82 to 86. Aircraft Mechanic B-52G and KC-135A.

    Kinda like werkin on trucks.......not.
  10. ARMYtango

    ARMYtango Rockstar

    US ARMY -
    2002 - Present

    2002-2007 - Active Duty (Ft Hood, TX)
    2 deployments to Iraq
    1 mission in Mexico
    1 Mission in Alaska

    2008-Present - Army Reserves
    Drill Sergeant

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