Military Roll Call ~ Active Duty or Veteran : Sound Off

Discussion in 'Military & Vets' started by BigWallyz, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. POLCAT1996

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    20+ and still going USAF.
  2. 95burb

    95burb New Member

    USAF active duty 2003 - 2011
    Lackland AFB
    Shepard AFB
    Cannon AFB
    Hill AFB
    McCord AFB
    Grissom AFB
  3. JTward1

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    Well, Drafted in 1969 in Philadelphia, 19 at induction, aced skill test, Navy grabbed one arm and said "oh yeah, got a spot for you junior" served 3 months at Great Lakes boot camp learning to be a sailor, shipping me down to Camp Le June for 6 weeks to learn how to stay alive, then sent to 21st. Naval Regiment, MCB-1, Alpha company, 7th platoon, off to Vietnam , De Nang building helo pads for 9 months, second deployment to a tiny island, Diego Garcia, 14 months building a runway , 3rd deployment to Andersen AFB to work with 8th Air force in "Operation Linebacker", 1974 came and I decided it was over for me. Got tired of people cursing and spitting on me. Throwing half filled coffee cups at me and my mother died in 1973 and I was wearing my dress whites boarding a Delta Flight at LAX and another. . . protester women threw a baby food jar of pigs blood on the front of my uniform. Looked like I just killed a family. Last time I ever wore my dress Blues. Their still down in the ceder closet. Served 4 years, feels like 400 some times. But I came home with just 2 purple hearts and most of the parts I left with.

    But I have more pride in the forces of this country today that ever. We're family. Served with Marines,dressed with them, Never met one I didn't like ! Semper Fi is a real thing. Thicker than blood, stronger than steel. If I can ever do something for a fellow Marine/Salior, I do. Got one accross the street. Not good shape, Marine recon outfit, side gunner on a Huuy. we both use a M60. But for all of you, no matter what you do and no matter where you do it, I know, just keep that, I Know ! We all bleed the same, and we all stand for what is right, not for the day, week or year. We don't get to pick, we just go. And you have my admiration. Nothing is easy !
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  4. Cowboytrukr

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    With everything I have within me I stand and salute every single one here, across this, the greatest nation in the history of planet earth, and around the world who has served to protect.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God bless you. I love you all.
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  5. ARMYtango

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    And I thank you for all that you have done...although you may had been drafted, you still served with integrity and honor! If it were not for you and you fellow brothers, and fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms, and myself, would not be able to do what we do today.
    It takes one generation, to help shape the next.
    I salute you, Sir!
  6. JTward1

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    And I'd do it again in a minute, served with some of the finest, most dedicated soldiers on this planet. Even though most hated us for that, I'd still go again. Thank you !
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