Milwaukee Exhaust shops?

Discussion in 'WI - Wisconsin Chevy Truck Club' started by WI_z71, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Hello all,
    My friend changed out his exhaust on his 05 silverado and gave me his old flo-pro muffler. I figured I would throw that on instead of buying a new one, since after all it was free. Just wondering if anyone knew any good exhaust shops near milwaukee area? I live in Oak creek. I talked to Midas the other day, and they said that they didnt have the ability to do 3" exhausts and told me the only way they could do anything was if I bought one from them for 500. Just wondering. Let me know.


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    There is only one place that I go for ANY exhaust work and that is Classic Muffler on about 72nd and Fon Du Lac.

    He custom bends all of his pipes period. Trucks or cars it doesn't matter. Even if you had a regular truck exhaust, his automatic replacement is a much bigger diameter than your neighborhood muffler places.

    Don't feel too bad for your location, I travel from 27th and Layton. Set up an appointment and take a book or newspaper with you.


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