Minor Electrical issues with 2004 Colorado that are annoying

Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by ajbellis, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. ajbellis

    ajbellis New Member

    I have a few minor issues going on with my Colorado. I have taken it to the dealer several times, but they can't get one to act up and the other is only a question.

    1. Blinkers - My blinkers are driving me crazy. This is a inconsistent problem and cannot be re-produced regularly, but it has been happening off and on for the past 3 years. The following only happens inside the truck ... meaning the blinkers work as expected when viewing them from outside of the vehicle. The dashboard indicators will sometimes blink faster than usual (as if the light was about to go out in other vehicles). This will happen sometimes when I turn it on. Sometimes, I turn it on, hit the brake to make the turn and when I hit the brake they start blinking fast. The indicator will blink & sound when I hit the brake to stop at a light, but I didn't turn the blinker on. When the blinker is on and I hit the brake to slow to make the turn sometimes the indicator in the dashboard will turn on (not blink) and no sound is made. All these things happen more often in the winter (in MN). But, they will happen when it warmer ... just not as often.

    Has anyone else seen this? The mechanics at the dealer think I am some crazy woman who doesn't know what she's talking about when I take it to them to fix. I take it to the dealer because it started when I still had the full factory warranty.

    2. Battery "warning" has gone off when I start the truck and take off when it is cold. Nothing has ever happened with the battery. The truck has always started, expect for a few strange times. When the battery is tested, it is fine. What is strange is that it does not have to be a "cold" start (first of the day). This will happen when I am running errands.

    Any input is welcome. Obviously, these are things that will make me sell my truck. They are just annoying and I thought someone on this site may have encountered them as well.

    Aj :glasses:
  2. seffieldvillage@aol.com

    seffieldvillage@aol.com Rockstar 100 Posts


    hi i have one think you can try. doesnt cost a thing but a little time. rise your hood. on the ground lead there is a small ground wire that grounds to the battery box. when they put that on they painted the box frist. take it off and clean the paint off so you get a good ground. hope this does the job. i think it will. ralph
  3. WestCoastColy

    WestCoastColy Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    X2 on Ralph's suggestion.

    Also, check the trailer wiring harness if you have one. Unplug the harness adapter under the driver's side of the bed. It is above and to the left of the spare tire. Unplug the trailer harness from the factory harness and left tail light harness. Then plug the tail light harness into the factory harness and test the lights for a few days. Trailer harness adapters are known to go bad and be bad when new as well.

    As for the battery, the highest demand on the power is during start-up and even more especially during cold temps. Have the battery load tested.
  4. ajbellis

    ajbellis New Member

    Would this make a difference?

    I purchased the truck used in 2006. On the front under the bumper on the driver's side, there is what looks like a place where someone would have connected to the truck's lights if the truck was being towed (like behind a motor home). Would this be messing up the electrical circuits?

    NORMSCOLORADO Rockstar 100 Posts

    that could be screwing with it....... but the ground block could be an issue
  6. crfarrow

    crfarrow New Member

    Check you light bulbs. I have one that looks like it is overheating and burnning where the bulbmakes contact in the socket.
  7. carlintr

    carlintr New Member

    I dont have a solution to that but I too have a question if anyone knows the answer. I have a reasonable amount of automotive knowledge however, my windshield wipers will randomly "wipe" the windshield as I am driving down the road. It tends to happen more often when it is warmer outside and when closer to sea level not that I really think that makes any difference. I bought the truck new in april of 08 and have had roughly a year of not being able to drive it due to being deployed however I have accumulated roughly 38k miles on it. It probably only happens once a week or once every two weeks so Im not concerned about it but it does kind of confuse me if anyone has any suggestions.
  8. tiomitch

    tiomitch New Member

    08, left blinker rapid when brake applied. Problem was an arced contact on the left rear turn signal bulb. Changed bulb, problem gone. Drove me crazy but that fixed it. Arced spot very difficult to see, and problem intermittent. Perhaps worth looking at bulbs, my problem was worse when the humidity was high or it was raining, which is the same I guess. good luck.

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