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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by CD82, May 8, 2011.

  1. CD82

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    i just bought a 2003 z71 and it has the regular electric mirrors on it. the ones without the turn signals in the glass. is there a way if i bought a set of mirriors with the turn signals. and hooked them up would the work or is there a different wiring set up for the signals?
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Muth Signal has what you need.. They are easy to hook up. It should be the same as my 02 was. And you had to run a wire to under your steering wheel. The whole install took me about 45 mins.. You can also hook them up to a alarm and back up lights.. Check here.. http://www.muthco.com/
  3. partssource1

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    I would think all you have to do is just buy a set of new or use GM mirrors and they should work as long as you don't o with the tow mirrors because they have a different switch and module. I did this on my 2003 suburban had the factory LT elect mirrors on it and I wanted the tow mirrors with the turn single in them because I tow a 28 ft trailer but after some heavy research in the GM parts catalog using my vin number and one off from a truck of the same year but with the mirrors that I wanted on it I found out that the Switch, control module and the mirrors had all different part numbers then mine as I know the mirrors should because of the turn single. My next set was to do the same with a same year truck with out tow but with single arrows and every thing was the same number other then the mirrors so I chanced it bought the new gm mirrors for $635.72 and put them on my suburban and every thing worked fine. Now I know every truck is different depending on options so please don't just take my word here do some research before you spend the money if you have a good salvage yard in the area that might work with you then stop there tell them what your trying to do have your truck all apart and ready to put the mirrors in this way you can show then that your truck mirrors work fine and see if they will let you plug one in before you buy them
  4. CD82

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    well ill have to check it out really didnt want to run any wires at all. wask inda wondering if it would just plug n play type of thing.
  5. ZSI52

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    03-06 trucks are Plug & Play unless you want the Power folding Feature to work(If the mirrors have the feature) then you'll either need to have the BCM flashed at the dealership or just by a The window/mirror button assembly from a truck that came equipped with them from the factory. You can tell them apart by looking at the Mirror Adjustment button. It has a weird looking symbol on it. Its kind of hard to see though. I done the mirror swap a couple months ago, but sold them when I needed some extra cash. Everything hooks right up. The 99-02 trucks are different though.
  6. CD82

    CD82 New Member

    thank you for the info and help

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