misfire...can someone help me out

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    i have a 1997 5.7 silverado 4x4 i decided to replace the distribuator cap and rotor, upgraded to 8.5 mil cables, and went with oem spark plugs, after installing this my truk started to miss fire can anyone help me troubleshoot this form wat i know the firing or is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
    and that all the order of the sparkplugs are odd on the driverside the furthest one being #1 and the passenger side are all even the furthest one being #2 maybe im wrong idk would appreciate any help thanks
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    If its missfiring what cylinder is it at? Have you checked the distributer and rotor to make sure they were reinstalled at the correct poistion. Do you have all the wires going to the correct cylinders?
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    Replace the ignition coil, it's like $40 for a performance one, and are you using Platinum plugs? If you're using copper top it'll melt those things and can cause a miss.
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    When you say "furthest", do you mean furthest from the distributor? #1 and #2 are at the front of the engine.

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    Are you saying using copper plugs in this truck will cause them to melt?
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    X2 we need a bit more info, or furthest from the Firewall.

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