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Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by Joey R, Nov 7, 2016.

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    How's it going everyone. I'm new here, just recently picked up a 98 Blazer LS with160K on it. At the moment I'm stuck. She seems to be acting up rather oddly. At an idle, she'll misfire continuously on cylinders number 4 and 6. With a scanner hooked up you can watch the misfire count continuously climb. However, once you give it a little gas, she smooths out. But once the RPM's drop back down, she wants to stall out. As of this moment I've changed the distributor, spider, spark plugs on cylinders 4 and 6, cleaned the MAF and checked to see if the wires were crossed somehow. I need some help with this thing. I'm at my wits end. Also, the steering is very slouched. I can turn the wheel a quarter of a turn and the truck will continue to go straight. The misfire is on the top of the list of what needs to be figured out. When I installed the new distributor, I installed it one tooth off on the gear which solved the misfire, however threw the timing off. I'm just so confused at this moment. Any help would be great.
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    For the steering issue... do you have a rag joint at the top of the steering box that the steering shaft connects to? If so see if it is loose or torn. It may have a plastic cover over it.
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    You changed the wires too right?
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    Misfires at idle and not at speed point to vacuum leaks. Vacuum is highest at idle so more likely to misfire then.

    Also best spark occurs at idle so would tend to jump on adjacent cylinders. Yes checking ignition at night for visible spark jump helps. A spray bottle to mist the ignition wires will help make them visible.

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    What ever happened to the problem ?

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