Misfire on My Votec

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by chevyman882001, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. chevyman882001

    chevyman882001 New Member

    I got a 98 K1500 with 350 Vortec and 5 speed, I changed the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor today and now there is a misfire on the passenger side. It didn't have a miss before but was in need of a tune up, I triple checked everything to make sure it was right and the only problem I had was a cheap screw from accel broke off while putting cap back on and I had to take the distributor out and drill it out and now zip tie holds the cap in place cause my parts guy didn't have a distributor I could get but the cap is on tight. I put the distributor back in the right place I believe but I have no idea what is going on I have true dual exhaust on it and the driverside seems fine if anybody would have some good info Please let me know. Thanks u
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    What brand of spark plugs did you install??
  3. stephan

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    The dist cap could be suspect if it isn't on straight. It would be easier if you would isolate which of the 4 on that side is the problem. Pull one wire at a time till you find it OR look for one of your new plug wires on that side to see if it's arcing. If you see no visible or audible arc, try looking after dark & see if you see any blue glow anywhere. If you have a multimeter check the resistance of those 4 wires. Sometimes you can get a bad one right out of the box. If all that fails to find it, pull your plugs & check them. You will probably find one that is wet or fouled out. At that point you will still have to decide if it's the plug or the wire.

    **edit I wouldn't buy a new distributor just because the hole is stripped. Just use a little longer screw & put a nut on the bottom to hold it. It might be a little bit of a pita the first time, but it's not like you'll have to change caps that often & it'll save you a lot of $$$.
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  4. chevyman882001

    chevyman882001 New Member

    I put ACDelco Rapid Fires in it with omni spark wires, and accel cap and button
  5. a.graham52

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    find out what cylinders are missing, is it one, is it two, is it all of them? if its only one missing then probably not the cap. if two are missing then maybe you messed the firing order up, etc etc.
  6. chevyman882001

    chevyman882001 New Member

    All the cylinders are getting fire got shocked a couple time lol and I pulled the plugs earlier and they looked fine wasn't wet, but the idling of the truck really never changed, I think it might be the distributor but ain't sure and I got the firing order right on it so I'm pretty lost ain't never had this happen before
  7. chevyman882001

    chevyman882001 New Member

    The plugs are the Iridium ACDelcos and were the same I took out of the truck, and I'll try the old wires in the morning and I'll have to get a code reader to read any codes in the morning
  8. chevyman882001

    chevyman882001 New Member

    Got the problem fixed and running good now, DO NOT ever buy them damn omni spark plug wires there junk, I put my old ones back on and no misfire and she is running great. I should have relized this cause I had the same problem on a 88 K1500 I had and did a tune up and got bad wires and put new autolite wires on it and it run fine so I believe I will get another set of them. Thanks for all the help guys

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