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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by reggiecab2000, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Well here's the deal, the dealer uses flat rate pricing for all there NON-warranty work. So regardless of how much time It actually takes, you are still going to get charged the full amount. I can tell you my few experiences with the dealer as follows:

    90 Lumina 3.1v6 fuel pressure regulator $600, fuel pump fuel filter and some other garbage $1,200, 6 new injectors $900, by the time I got out the door I had almost $4,000 in reciepts and I still had to have the car towed home! F&#^ the dealer I say, honestly you could probably do it yourself If you try.

    Even at an independent shop those repairs will be pricey, would I have that done at the dealer?..........No, but it's your truck.

    Another thing that drives there prices way up, Is the fact that they use Genuine GM parts (big frickin deal)

    I would check around and find a lower price, from what I have seen and experienced 99% of those ASE mechanics don't deserve the patch they wear.
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    well from talking to my father he says the distributor is actually no biggie so it looks like ill be doing that myself, but as far as the coolant leak from the intake manifold gasket, its been fine for about 2 years and its really nothing major but i could always find someone to help i suppose...
    i agree, i dont think its worth 1400 dollars now thanks for your input!
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    How much does the dealership want just to buy the Distributor from them or are you going aftermarket?
  4. reggiecab2000

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    all i know is they would charge 699.99 for distributor and install...
    i dont know price for the part itself, but obviously its cheaper to do it myself... i already see ill be spending around 300-450 for a distributor anyways...
    acdelco is around $300.00-330.00
    accel is around 400.00-430.00
    my father is a high believer in ac delco for oem replacement, however in the distributor department i dont see an aftermarket top of the line one being able to really have a mentionable difference... correct me if im wrong...
  5. TRPLXL2

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    I would just do the cap and rotor, I seriously doubt the whole distributor is bad...

    The part that would actually go bad is the cap, It has a small screen in it that helps the heat dissipate and it collects moisture over time and eventually clogs the whole.

    With the Vortec motor your better off staying away from aftermarket ignition systems i.e. MSD and such. Many many problems will arise, you would have to do new plugs wires the whole thing, and you still could have problems.
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  6. reggiecab2000

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    well screw me in the butt and call me willy! you guys!!!
    after months of annoyance and pain i have finally fixed my truck!!!!!
    knock on wood for now...
    i replaced my distributor earlier today and since about 30 total miles of driving i have not heard one bit of misfiring from my engine.
    its running smooth as pie and i could not be more ecstatic!!!!! thanks guys for all your help!!!
    and trplx i had already replaced the cap and rotor 2X but thanks for that advice

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