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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jason2188, May 11, 2009.

  1. jason2188

    jason2188 New Member

    i have a 2005 gmc desial that runs great most of the time, but some times at idle it starts to miss really bad. only some times the rest of time it seems fine. the truck does have a k and n air filter, ( which has been cleaned.) and oil and fuel filters have been changed. also has super chip i have not tried changing settings on that to fix the problem. let me know if that could be it, any other help would be appricated
  2. 1_low_rider

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    sounds something like an injector to me. my dads diesel has went through several injectors, it's a common problem. they are some kind of expensive by the way!!! hopefully your problem is something else!! good luck
  3. kwconch021

    kwconch021 Rockstar

    when u say "miss" do u mean it feels like its ready to bog out? ive noticed my 5.3 2006 1500 will do this every so often at idle as well.. no engine mods or k&n on mine yet tho.. also seeking info...
  4. heavy chevy

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    Could have fuel in the lines. I am a Diesel Mechanic for the RR and that is the problem 8 out of 10 times with our engines. Make sure your fuel filter is not sucking air. I dont know how your set up is but you can tell if it is sucking air if you look at your lines at or you filter when the vehicle is being primed. I dont work on automotive diesel engines. So if anyone out there could tell the procedure for his vehicle it might help him to get the problem fixed.
  5. 1_low_rider

    1_low_rider Rockstar 100 Posts

    i agree, i wasn't thinking about that. you're more than likely sucking air somewhere....more than likely around the fuel filter, it may not be getting a proper seal around the rubber.
  6. Mean_Green_95

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    try popping open the fuel filter, just enough to let out the air, and while it is open, try priming the fuel system. This will insure that you got the air out if there is in fact any air in the filter. I had to do that to a F-250 at work a couple months ago after changing the top filter.
  7. jason2188

    jason2188 New Member


    thanks for all the help, i will go out and check and see it i am sucking air, also another thing i also noticed is that i am starting to hear that "knock" like when an injector is going out, but only when it is acting up. cause sometimes it runs fine, with no problems at all. when i hear that knock it points me to injector failure, but i have never seen a" knock" come and go. so i really do not want to jump into an injector if thats not going to be the problem. could air in the system cause that knock? thanks again.

    also check engine light never came on during any of this...

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