miss on 99 k2500 with 5.7L

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    I have a 1999 OBS burb with 131K miles on it. I have a miss between 1500 - 2200 rpms. There is no code or SES light. I put it on a scanner and it does not show a miss. It is not in the trans, as I can get it to miss while in park and rev up to 2500.
    I have replaced the following:
    tune-up (plugs/wire/cap/rotor)
    coil (2 different brands)
    fuel filter
    fuel pump
    O2 sensor
    TPS sensor
    seafoam in gas tank to clean injectors
    and swapped from the old poppet valve spider to the ungraded injector spider

    Still can't find miss.
    Any help?

    Basically stock, has flowmaster cat-back, K&n filter, and a PCM4less computer. I have even put the stock computer back in. Same problem.
    Motor still pulls strong to 5K rpm. If I am under light throttle and lite load, that is when the miss occurs. If I give it more gas, it goes away.

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