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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Goldie, Feb 8, 2012.

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    2 qts every 3k is a lot of oil, does it leave spots or smoke? I mean wheres the oil going, there should be some signs of that.
    I cant see how the AFM would cause it to use more oil, even if the cyinders are shut down they shouldnt be leaking oil past the rings or valves. From my understanding the shutdown cylinders are still open via the valves and pushing air through the cylinders but they dont have fuel or fire to complete a combustion cycle, they arent necessarily building compression but then again compression isnt what causes the oil to be wiped off the cylinder walls, thats what the rings do. I think I'd have to push this issue with GM a little further something doesnt sound right.
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    I see you have a 2" leveling kit... what size tires do you have? I have NEVER got 19 on my truck. (2010 1500 4x4 5.3 6 spd 3.08) I was getting 17.6 and when I put the 285's on it dropped big time
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    I just bought a used 2010 Sierra with the 5.3/6 speed combo. In the city, I seem to be getting 18L/100km. That's a far cry from the sticker that stated it should get 14.4L/100 km in the city. The previous owner had 18" wheels on it (Bridgestone Dueler Tires). Would I see an improvement in the mpg if I went to 17" wheels?

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