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    Okay first of all...I know there has been numerous info put out on the whole DL3 upgrade. Ive had this project going for several months now. Mostly because Ive just been waiting for parts to become available and more info to be put out. Its easy to get lost in the debate over what dealer says what and what you have to do with the Tech II about flashing/programming module(s). So Im going to share with you what I have found out for myself...

    First of all, I have NOT talked to a dealer as of yet about getting anything flashed. Mainly because I just ordered all the parts that I need and Im waiting for them to be delivered. (I'll explain the parts later).

    Secondly, all the bcm's (body control modules) are the same part number regardless of options and features. This is where the flashing and programming debates can get a little confusing for most people, as I often get a little confused myself lol

    Remove and look at the back side of your driver and passenger door switch. The trucks are wired one of two methods.
    Method 1...The driver side window only is "hard wired", meaning that the wiring to control the window motor goes directly from the switch to the window motor itself. Simple enough.

    Method 2...The driver side and all the other windows are controlled on a "bus" this simply means that whenever you move the window switch it sends a command signal to the body control module to move that window up or down. The body control module will then send the voltage required to move the window up or down. Still pretty simple.

    I know you may think what in the world does the window switch have to do with the powerfold mirrors? Well the answer lies within the harness layout for the vehicle. So basically if you have the hardwired switch and decide to buy the switch with the powerfold mirror button on it, it will not work because the switch with powerfold button on it is set up for the bus wire harness. This is the same issue I've ran into recently. I have a regular cab truck so I thought that I'd be S.O.L. with finding a switch that has only two window switches. To my surprise, they actually make a switch that accomodates only 2 windows with the powerfold option! I managed to find the driver and passenger side with the bus harness connections. So now the second issue comes into play about how am I going to hook the switches up when I dont have the right harness in my truck? Simple, I ordered the driver and passenger harnesses yesterday. There is going to be some work involved with changing out harnesses but oh well im up for it and it certainly wont be the hardest task ive ever been challenged with. After all that is complete then it will be time to take a trip to the dealer and go from there.

    Not everyone will have the same set up as far as hardware and harnesses are concerned, so everyones "trip to the dealer story" will vary differently depending on their specific truck and options.

    All the information I've included here are the straight facts, thats why I don't presume to put all the "hear say" about what all the different dealers say. I pretty much know what has to be done with my truck specifically but it may not be exactly the same with anyone elses. My simple recommendation is to get the hardware needed for your truck i.e. mirrors, switches, harnesses, etc. then take it to a dealer and figure it out from there. If you don't have the correct hardware, you can "flash" your truck all you want and nothing will work right. So dont get confused on what has worked or not worked for other people. Find out what YOU have on your specific truck, find out what YOU need, and then once all of that is installed then you can start "flashing" away until it all works for you.
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    Great Info!

    Thanks for sharing.... :)
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    I am looking to do the upgrade as well, I have a 2007 Silverado LT (NBS). Where does anyone recommend I purchase the mirrors and what are all the parts I am going to need?

    Thank you

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