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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Jrod89, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. 00chevy53

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    Dobey- 4.10 gears will only reach 202 with a motor pushing well over 500hp. My top speed with my setup now is 145mph. Gearing lower only gets you up to speed not top speed.

    If your truck is lifted or plan to lift it you will benefit from lower gear ratios, but your top end speed won't be all there
  2. dobey

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    It won't need 500hp to reach 200 MPH. It will need a lot more than performance tuning for a mass-produced truck to reach 200 MPH. Look at all the things that were done to a ZR1 Corvette to make it a 200 MPH vehicle. It's all body/suspension work that matters there, not the power. The ZR1 has 640 HP, but a ZR1 with a stock LS3 that only makes 430 HP will also do 200 MPH without any problem. It will only take it longer to get to that speed, because it makes less torque than the LS9 does that's in the ZR1. But a Z06 or base model Vette won't do 200 MPH, because they don't have the necessary adjustments outside of the drivetrain, to support going 200 MPH in a stable manner.

    A Silverado has way too much drag to be a 200 MPH vehicle. Lifting a truck will only make it much worse for that. If you want to get to 200 MPH in a truck, you're going to have to drop it, chop it, and do several thousand dollars worth of body mods, and plenty of weight loss.
  3. Jrod89

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    I am not looking for top end speed as I have already stated because as you said it is a truck. It is not designed to go those speeds. I would like to increase torque though and 0-60 time (ie. faster off the line).
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    whats your budget?
    cam- $1200
    elc fans- $150
    Headers- $600
    gears- $800 if 4x4
    heads- $1600

    all prices are with the parts, and tools needed also doing all the work your self. best bang for you buck to spend say 2k would be converter, get a magnaflow muffler, cam, heders and a live tune.

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